Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Constitution and How it Substantiates and Upholds the Alternative Plan

In this article I will substantiate constitutionally the 10 Steps that I had suggested as an alternative plan, since their constitutionality is not immediately apparent. It is however really curious how it is possible for the issue of constitutionality not to be brought on what the government is setting in motion (state protectionism of the banks) while every single one confesses at the same time that such government does away with crucial assets of the People and undermines and overrides completely Rights and privileges/safety valves stipulated in the Constitution.
To be able to see the following substantiation and in fact retain some hope of survival as an independent and free-thinking People, it is necessary for us to start adopting a more balanced and healthier way of thought (e.g., extend the same dispute and questioning we subject each other, to the state officials and power holders who operate under the mandate of the People).

It is, in other words necessary, to change the philosophy of the slave who submits to whomever power holder comes to pass (something we have been inculcated with the help of education and mass media) and come to grips with the fact that we have a Constitution (even in its current incomplete form) that addresses itself to Free Citizens who elect (that is through majority vote) and know how to put to check the wielders of power – representatives who man the state apparatus and their organizations, as well as discipline them and punish them.

The legal and Constitutional mechanisms exist and it is simply us that have allowed them to fall into disuse or degeneration (not at the legal level but) in practice / everyday life by every state-fed unionist, jurist, politician, etc.

To effect this kind of perceptual reorientation, we must, to begin with, always and ever keep in mind and apply on a daily basis the following two articles of the Constitution: Article 4 (par. 1,2,5,7), which means that since we enjoy Political Rights and that we have not been made ward of by a third party, or under prosecution by the justice, our own opinion and understanding of the Constitution is at least equal to that suggested by any elected official or other fellow citizens (i.e., journalists, constitution specialists, etc), so whenever there is disagreement as to what a Constitutional article means, it is not possible for only a single person or a minority to have the authority to uphold a particular meaning but it is up to the Citizens via a referendum, so that the plebiscite opinion be the one overruling all others as Democracy demands particularly when what is at stake is the future of the People or the Nation and its related sovereignty. Responsibility and liability accruing from it should be exercised on the principle of Proportionality and Equality for all (i.e., commensurate to the level or responsibility and the onus that this brings upon the holder).

We also have in mind article 120 (and specially pars 2,3,4) of the Constitution which place the responsibility for upholding and supporting such Constitution onto the Citizens themselves, who are obliged to be vigil and defend if when it is threatened, as a fundamental statutory Right and Obligation of all Greeks. Especially in combination with article 1, one can find all the essentials of the stance we should have as Citizens of this Country.

The ten steps that I had presented as an initial alternative plan to face the crisis, are supported by the fundamental principles of the Constitution.

The Constitution guarantees and secures to every Citizen of Greece particular Rights and demands particular obligations which cannot but be within the framework of Equality and Proportionality and Freedom that the Constitution itself has already stipulated.

In particular, and briefly due to space limitations, the articles that I have used as a legal backup to the Steps are truly simple but also terribly important. The Constitution stipulates that all Greeks are Equal before the Law (article 4, par. 1 and 2) and that no subtotal of the above can enjoy any different preferential treatment (article 4, par. 7). For reasons of brevity, I will refer myself only to the vital articles, but if we just read the Constitution through, having the state of mind I already described, we shall discern a multitude of related articles that support the Steps but also every other similar effort to this effect (i.e., article 5 and 5A, article 7, par. 2 and 3, etc). What you will never find support for in the Constitution is the securing of superpowers to any individual or subset of Citizens in opposition to the State. There are limits set for preferential treatments as well.

This means that beyond any legal issue from which (catachrestically) the elected public officers are protected from, they, too, are equal according to the Constitution to the rest of the Citizens before the Law, which means that the 1rst Step, that demands the correct enforcement of audit of property holdings is totally covered: With regard to their taxation, the principle of Equality and Proportionality will force them to subject themselves to at least similar taxable income depending on their scale (that, is, for big incomes) and on the huge immovable property (that many of them have under their name) that have been passed for the rest of the Citizens.

On the issue of the Church, the Constitution is absolutely clear that its Head is only Jesus Christ, and stipulates that to that effect the original scriptures in the Holy Bible are kept as originally intended which means that the Church is self-restrained by the Ten Commandments and Christ’s teachings as far as its worldly affairs are at least concerned: The Church should not demand preferential treatment in relation to its Flock, it should be there to lighten rather than burden society in which it exists, and in times of need, it should be the first to spread out the protective net instead of undermining the State and its Citizens as if it were just another multinational / NGO.

The Apostles themselves have shown what it means to serve the Church of Christ and this means that the 2nd Step is also covered by the same Constitutional Law (article 3, par 1 and 3).

Since the same law should apply on the Church exactly as it is applied on the Citizens, and since the Church is committed through the Scriptures to serve and not be master of the flock, the change in its property holdings does not run against the stipulations in the Constitution. The fact that at least during phase one, no status quo of clerics nor of worship is going to be affected whatsoever, is further proof that as far as the Citizens/Clerics, the Constitution secures their protection (as well as their private property) as well as of the others.

At this point I must stress that the church of Greece represents all Orthodox Greeks and therefore its property cannot be privately owned or be beyond criticism and taxation on the pretext of charity that it only knows and according to its will. The church is administrator of the property of the Orthodox Greeks (and that is why it enjoys legal use and possession of such property) but it is not its owner nor its master. It is obliged to be accountable to the faithful in the same way that the State is obliged to be accountable to its Citizens. This is a principle supported by the Scriptures (that are enforced by the Constitution) and we can analyze it in another article. Be reminded that the first Church under the Apostles as described in the Deeds was based on common ownership and its express purpose was the protection of every faithful from every socially-related difficulty he/she was met with, without prejudice, secrecy / questionable dealings / inequality between the faithful and the Apostles.

With respect to the rest of the Steps, from the civil servants up to the banks and the NGOs, various large-scale industrialists / capitalists, the Constitution covers every such action, both in terms of Equality and Proportionality as well as in terms of usefulness of the posts occupied by every civil servant: If the post is made redundant then there is no issue of tenure, but their own code and oath presupposes that bad behavior, illegal use of power, illicit income/ disloyalty and disregard for their oath, are legal reasons for termination of service in addition to other legal proceedings).

A multitude of people who have eaten into public property are under this status quo and are not protected by parliamentary immunity. This does not concern just the oath breaker from the inland revenue service, or city plan officer or policeman, etc., but also the respective managers, general secretaries and other officers of governing bodies, or other top administrators who are directly culpable for black money, frauds, destruction of Public Welfare Organizations, the property of Security Funds, every embezzling and wrong-doing/bankruptcy of public companies such as Olympic Airways, etc.

These are very summarily stated proofs for the constitutionality of the 10 Steps.

On the other hand of course, we can ( and we are obliged to) analyze the unconstitutional nature of government measures and they way they undo the Constitution and trod upon Human Rights, accruing absolutely no profit for the People, the Nation and the Country. Something that the Constitution itself forces us to face and put a stop to rather than tolerate.

For us to be able to do this, we should come to grips with the idea that the fact that we were tricked into voting party A or party B does not make us equally guilty in the fraud against us, just victims. For this reason we should separate our position in deed so as to avoid becoming equally culpable at the end.
What remains to be said is who shall apply such kind of remedial polity or at last enforce the Constitution of Greece and how. Many times we say that the Law may provide cover but every which corrupt officer is not going to apply it. This I will discuss in my next article.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


In my job (I am a specialist educational psychologist) I generally meet intelligent people who tell me stories worth listening to that testify to the breadth of their abilities and to the extent their development can reach, but who, nonetheless, all feel they are at an impasse and getting into ominous situations which they attribute (and rightly so) to their mistakes of the past and which situations, they therefore feel they have to endure, although they are not directly responsible for them. What I show them is that they neither have to endure the situation nor self-punish themselves, and that they are totally capable of driving themselves out of the ominous impasse they have found themselves in and of directing themselves to complete control and freedom of choice, to the direction they truly would like to take and not the one they have been pushed into for whatever reason.

Psychology and sociology tell us that just as a person reacts on average (including the effect of manipulation), a given set of people may react as well, i.e., a People. As a People, we all now find ourselves tolerating a situation that every single one tells us we must tolerate and endure first because it is our fault that we came to this point, and second because there is no alternative plan, no other solution, no other way for the Greek State to escape the horrid economic condition it has found itself into.

As a specialist then, trained to dissolve impasses, I officially state, and I am ready to substantiate with evidence, that of course there is a solution and a real plan for exiting the period of crisis, much shorter in duration and much more effective that will lead Greece as a State to economic health (unless we wish to engage in a parallel discussion that substantiates that the plan currently under application has no hope of efficiently solving the problem but is there to fill the unfathomably deep packets of world large-scale capitalists). Due to space restrictions, the only thing I will discuss at present will the set of steps that need to be taken:

Step 1: Immediate auditing of the class of politicians, so that on the basis of their true sources of income be forced to return every little thing that they took for themselves taking advantage of their position of power (the first sweep will include all politicians presently active).

Step 2: Immediate possession of all ecclesiastical property holdings, turning every Church and monastery where clerics reside into public property that operates on the basis of owner (State)-lessee (cleric). At first, and to avoid a state of despair amongst members of clerics’ families, the basic salary of civil servant will apply devoid of any benefit or extra allowance under the understanding that within a stated time limit such entities will have found alternative sources of support whereby their financial dependence on the State will cease.

Step 3: Immediate service of the state deficit with the funds (NOT the immovable property) gained from Step 2. From then on we demand from our European partners to stop bothering us with any such demands until such time the next instalment needs to be deposited.

Step 4: retrospective analysis of the use and utility of every worker in the public sector (for every officer including the elected ones) under the obligation of every such worker to justify his/her salary before the People, proving that he/she offers the State in the form of services, a commensurate amount of what he/she receives as remuneration for such services, without trespassing on anyone’s Human or Constitutional Rights. Every one unable to prove that will be made redundant. We also estimate the revenue from the direct exploitation of the immovable property formerly owned by the Church and the politicians, and designate it as the prime asset set there to serve the state deficit and not direct taxation of the People. In the case of off-shore companies or property held in foreign soil, we shall have to study how they will be expropriated and profitably exploited so that the State can be funded.

Step 5. Guaranteeing an average state of living (that is, over and above the poverty line, at first) so that every Greek citizen will retain all needed to live with dignity (accommodation, work, decent income, security, insurance/pension fund availability) setting an absolute minimum of at least € 2,000, net income and lifting of the heavy taxation, mainly through the repealing all indirect taxation that are unconstitutional because they do not abide by the principle of proportionality. Work will be guaranteed by the manpower needs as a result of Steps 1 and 2, and for the independent entrepreneurs as well since such measure will strengthen private business.

Step 6. Guaranteeing maximum and minimum prices for clothing, food, housing, State Welfare Organizations to protect related private businesses/local producers of speculators so that they would not be hurt by such measures. Resetting the market for the comeback of primary and secondary production, allowing farmers/ animal farmers and small plant proprietors to work independently without set production quotas and with a priority of servicing the local markets first, to avoid increased imports.

Step 7. All Banks on Greek soil receive the heaviest possible taxation for Citizens, if of course they prove they have not trodden upon Human Rights, the Constitution and other Laws. In case they have committed criminal acts against the People or the State, all profits accrued during the years that such illegal or criminal activity took place are confiscated by the State and the Bank itself is forced to pay damages to every Citizen or business against whom or which such bank profiteered. If the bank lacks cash flow, all its holdings the world over are seized and its top officers are questioned.

Step 8: for a set amount of time, the Athens Stock Exchange closes down, and all actions of every multinational in Greece cease, particularly those embroiled in financial scandals and a legal suit is activated against them (such as Goldman Sachs, Siemens, etc). Charity organizations of all kinds (such as the Papandreou Organization, the Simitis Organization, the Karamanlis Organization, the Mitsotakis Organization, the Goulandris Organization, etc) are no longer funded by the State and are treated as businesses (that is, they are invited to show services rendered and revenue/profits gained from legal activities), and also to show services that they have offered the State and the People, and which services are over and above those stipulated in the Constitution. This applies to all NGOs without exception.

Step 9: Businessmen of the type of Lanaras are called to Justice and after they are forced to pay damages to all parties hurt by their activities, their businesses are confiscated by the State and they are put to prison. Sports enterprises funded by the State by exploited by private citizens (football teams, athletic clubs, etc) either retroactively stopping any further state funding and turning them into private profitable businesses as far as the State is concerned, or become State organizations and all club followers who wish to support them and develop them are also incorporated.

Step 10: to proceed legally further we need to reconsider a number of articles in the Constitution, such as protective provisions for legal liability for ministers and elected officers of the State, which are criminally protective for the hereditary professional politicians. We need to come to a decision for the amendment of our Constitution which will guarantee total control and power to the People who will be upgraded as the supreme power as the Constitution stipulates. When this happens, every one will be able to see that we will no longer have to suffer the conditions we are suffering now.

Of course, the basic objection or reaction to the above plan I present is “who will be able to do all these/enforce all these in an already corrupt government/system?”

The answer is a simple one and not quite so hard is we really decide that we no longer wish to use out flesh and blood, and also the future of our country and of our children to masochistically and perversely feed all those whom we know are guilty of the present state of things: The People, devoid of any unionist or party control will enforce such a thing, if only the People decide to set foot in the Parliament and demand they be given back whatever was stolen or usurped from them.

These measures are hard, but for those who have been responsible for the problem, not for those who are the reason for the existence of a State, and who were never given a choice, and who now are called to create such choice by themselves in order to survive, and they do that without liquidating any already gained right of the People or sacrifices of our forefathers.

Friday, September 11, 2009


In view of the elections that will be running in Greece and which seem to consecutively be running in all countries in the current and following year, we prepared a cluster of brief but highly important articles which are aimed to offer a clear view and hold on things and situations that top social researchers have been applying for 100 years, tactics of disorientation and confusion in order to conceal the application from any person out of this international circle.

This has not occurred arbitrarily or without a very detailed design of more than 50 years before its uniformal application and it is not something that can’t be verified, like the assorted conspiracy theories which in best are based on superficial and easily refuted arguments. That which we will present to you in the following articles is designing by think tanks which even officially confirm that their purpose is to control the course of the Peoples of every Nation worldwide in the framework of the New World Order.

This is a rather vague term for the post-war period we are currently experiencing (since the Second World War) and which has been given several definitions, good and bad. The definite thing is that the New World Order aims to, as planning and tactics and philosophy go, to overthrow and reform the basic concepts and ideas that saturate every Human wishing and seeking to feel free, thinking, able and master/determiner of his/her own fate: these concepts are politics (and through them, the idea of toppling, change and resistance) and the ‘left wing’ not only politically pre-electively but also as a manner of thought and action.

The most basic and dangerous element of the New World Order is that it manipulates Human’s votes and thinking without this Human realizing it, deceiving him/her by having him/her support what in truth they hate and wish to avoid/ stave off, while believing that he/she makes resistance or the right choice to near his/her goal. The strongest and in essence only weapon that for decades has allowed the very few tyrants to reign over and lead a sea of democratic and revolutionary individuals is precisely the capacity that social scientists have given them (by having the latter teach them how to use basic keys to the way Humans think) to put the wrong labels to concepts and the wrong definitions to classic terms of left-aligned philosophy.

In view, therefore, of all the elections that are coming globally and of the imminent National ones of October 4 in Greece, we publish the following cluster of brief articles that will truly allow for informed in unusual depth for the era opinions and therefore also judgment.

We who publish these articles have the capacity to do so because we are this exact kind of social scientist, of the kind that planned the New World Order, we trained to be able to do it and one of us was taught by those who do it. But we chose, since the time of our training and due to our legacy, instead of also adding to the general undermining not only of the masses but also of the intellectuals, to help in reversing this destructive application so that intellect and the huge potential of Humans worldwide will be released. That is why, of course, during the entire course of our careers, we have been battled by the very specific opponents we all face.

While you read the following articles and for the maximization of your benefit, we urge you to read them in the order we present them below and always keep in mind that however shocking what is being described may be, it is fully reversible immediately because it is based on essentially unsound presumptions: it counts only on the assurance that nobody will manage to have a general view of the entire framework and program that is being globally applied.

Best Order of Reading of Articles:







Thursday, August 13, 2009

Humanitarian and Political Manifesto to the Hellenic People and the Nations

Within the frame of the stipulation by the Constitution of Greece in its current form, and in particular the stipulation that every Hellenic Citizen serve the Human Rights, the principles of Democracy and the Constitution itself, we hereby present the following political and Humanitarian Declaration-Deposition, being of sound mind and having according written proof for everything stated below, including all of the indications and statements of intent.


Since my beginnings as active Citizen of Greece in 1973, after the assassination of my father Georgios A. Geritsidis, my goal has been the defense of the State and our Nation within the guidelines and limits set by the Human Rights globally alone, as well as the upholding of Truth and Justice as pillars of any Democratic society.

My studies in the field of psychology and scientific research were chosen for this specific purpose, which I have been pursuing and will continue to pursue for ever, primarily to keep alive the mission and motive inspired in my by my father for the defense of all Humans at all costs and always with Truth, Peace and Objectivity as my weapons, and secondarily because I cannot imagine life and Human evolution in an environment where these values do not reign in daily living. I refuse to tolerate and become an accomplice through my silence and inactivity to the crimes against Humanity and the cultivation of misery and despair everywhere, on all levels so that Humans are pushed to subhuman, unnatural, wild behavior.

I began my cause to fight all these social conditions plaguing Humanity starting from Greece, that I consider home and therefore a valid starting point of any effort to cleanse and improve the setting. Always, I had and have faith in the good nature of Humans when Humans are allowed to act as units, independent of obligation to belong to a social group. But what I ascertained was that the need to belong to established social groups being exploited by specific agents of oppression and mutilation of personality as well as Human daily life, has sown the highest terror in society and has twisted fully the correct and benevolent nature of Humans.

History worldwide has many times shown that the process of oppression and rape of the benevolent nature, intelligence and personality of Humans on a mass level (i.e., on entire social units such as social classes, social groups across classes, age cohorts or states and nations) has always led to an explosion of throwing off of the diseased and enforced violation of nature and normal evolution of Humans individually and socially, with huge loss of human potential, horrible violence and callus, cruel eradication of entire masses, to reinstate a superficial sensation of re-institution of Justice and Freedom and restart the same vicious circle, until the next, bloodier, crueler and more callus, horrible explosion.

As a social scientist, in my studies I saw this tactic refresh itself with mathematical accuracy and the losses to increase with mathematical accuracy as well throughout the span of the so called ‘modernity’, with the pinnacle being the last few centuries and on the twentieth having the biggest and most massive movements followed by terribly large-scale in numbers losses for the again terribly short lived sensation of the reinstatement of Justice over injustice of society. The word is of the groundbreaking philosophical movements which after the fall/ corruption of the Church (regardless of denomination but mainly of the monotheistic Churches) were able to be expressed anew (since the religious expression was ridiculed or corrupted or twisted into the exact opposite from the main, positive positions) through science and ethics: the blooming of those, that is the essential effort to throw off the diseased and corrupting oppression was immediately eroded and stifled with the outbreak of violence and unfettered expression of every negative element, fact which led to the first great documented mass war surge (World War I), followed by the first great documented mass economic disaster (the Great Depression) and with a global climax in World War II, which, as was expected according to the historical data, by far surpassed the losses and blood-shedding of the first.

Afterwards there came the expected superficial reigning of Justice, more and more superficial since, after this immense butchering, the bloodshed continued unofficially and in fragmented assorted manners (the Allies’ going ahead with all the programmed executions and incarcerations the Nazis had scheduled, evacuation of the Nazi scientists and continuation of all their experiments, undermining of societies economically with several additional bloodsheds especially in countries by nature Democratic, allowing the defeated states of the Axis not pay war reparations in full or at all, or reparations for the extensive crimes of war, enforcement of silent dictatorships with mass persecution of the opposing people and, in our days, enforcement of silent dictatorships in the name of security or even Justice with the officially stated breaching of Human Rights, for which so much blood has been and is being shed).

Studying, then, and seeing all this blood which has been and is being shed, and all this potential which has been squandered and is being squandered, I felt from that very young age that the tree of Democracy and Justice and Human Rights has been watered with enough blood of the righteous and not. It is the time now to cultivate it with the symbols of Peace so that we will manage, finally, as Humanity to taste the fruit it can bear, or else more blood, more pain and more sacrifice will turn it into the altar of Injustice and Oligarchy, where everyone will be forced to throw their children and themselves.

It took all this time and all this fighting I have up to now done on several levels to realize how we can practically translate the above so that in the from of a formula we can apply it and not have the excuse that theory has no practical application.

As any true and responsible scientist, I shall not present neither theory nor practice without proof of its reality in the existing situation as well as the potential/ prognosis of the suggested treatment.

Proof of existing situation


In the presentation of the theory I will see to it to be concise and include the Greek as well as Global reality at least for the Western type/ social system societies.

Every country bases peace and harmony of daily living on a system of values on the basis on which the administrative and legal framework is created. In almost all the countries, officially this value system is the Human Rights. Even in the countries where they have not been signed, the value system remains human-centered, claiming the precedence of Humans at least regarding their safety.

Human Rights, since 1948 have been embellished and expanded (not always with the goal of improvement of protection) but we can safely say that all their expressions are based of the following vital and basic Rights:

Right to Life
Right to Freedom
Right to economic and social Dignity
All Humans enjoy Equal Rights and Obligations.

An easy and quick overview of the constitutions or other matching documents of the countries which haven’t signed the Bill, we will see that these four principles are mentioned clearly, except perhaps to a point in the countries accepting kingdom and titling (e.g. the Declaration of Independence of the USA contains these principles even though this state has not signed the Bill of Human Rights).

Consequently, so has the Hellenic Constitution been based fully on these principles if we exclude amendments of questionable legality that took place with arbitrary procedure and obvious malignant motives (see the Constitution amendments voted during the assorted Juntas and/ or without a Referendum or other insurance of People’s Will), in general the Constitution seeks to ensure that the basic power lies at the hands of the People and their capacity to overthrow anti-People laws, governments and other expressions of oppression.

Therefore, in brief:

Theory tells us that

The People have the Right in essence of above-law will and obligation to protect/ defend this Right.
Human Rights are world recognized and the official statement of motivation to protect them assigns status and potential of founding an entire state mechanism/ international organizations/ international coalitions.
Nobody acts without in some way projecting an intent to protect one or more of these Rights.

Historic examples (such as Nazi propaganda or the propaganda of any experimental activity on large scale populations) exist abundantly and all show that REGARDLESS OF MOTIVATION, ALWAYS EVERY ACTION/ APPLICATION OF MEASURES IS GIVEN JUSTIFICATION BY THOSE ENFORCING IT AS AN ATTEMPT TO DEFEND ONE OR MORE HUMAN RIGHTS.


Beyond any historical analysis we could present here, we will mention part of my research and activity as well.

Human Rights paint a very positive and very constructive image which, however, is by far different from the image society has to show (in Greece as well as globally) in reality.

Proof of that is very easy to present primarily with the listing of the innumerable people living below poverty level, the listing of the innumerable cases where the law was not applied Equally, or the cases where legislation enforces a state of inequality, enforced poverty to serve the over-profiting of the few or the cases where human dignity is consumed and violated for the profit of the few without application of the Law regarding prostitution/ pornography/ exploitation of minors/ slave work/ drudgery / usury/ etc. Also, when such laws are applied, they are applied unequally, unfairly or abusively, breaching on Human Rights in the name of Human Rights.

Also, on the individual basis (i.e., in the case of the law being applied singularly to every Citizen) we have complete inequality, lawlessness and breaking of basic Rights or Obligations to support third parties at the expense of the one concerned. The State is hostile and abuses the power given it to apply the laws, in disdain and dismissal of the People’s Will, be it expressed through demonstrations or through non-objective election legislation which in itself undermines the basic principle of Democracy (that is, the power of the majority and not the power of the majority of the minority).

Proof of this is easy to acquire from analyses of elections/ electorates, etc, from the state of the Citizens if we survey their financial situation in relation to their ‘networking’ with people who are holding down state official positions (that is, to have some be preferred not meritocratically but unequally and in a totalitarian way, which is a breach of Human Rights).

Also, proof is the legislative decisions of the judiciary officers who obviously break the law they are supposed to apply on the level of defending National property (giving away of massive national ground based on or respecting documentation by regimes that have been toppled or by occupiers or empires that have been dismantled, such as the case of relinquishing the forests of Attica to dynasty-clans of private owners such as the Iliopoulos family based on non-existent decrees by the Turks: the very same Turks the Greeks fought to oust and throw off, that is, in order to not have to take under consideration Turkish titles and rights of possession on Greek soil).

Another piece of proof from the innumerable ones existing out there is the capacity of some people’s existing within vital positions in society and especially state-public mechanisms while being convicted to incarceration they never serve nor buy out, and which incarceration sentence normally forbids them access to specific positions in the state mechanism, as the law stipulates.

The biggest proof of the fall-out of society and the official breaching of the Human Rights exists within the Constitution itself after its being altered during the junta, and the maintenance of these alterations afterwards in the period of ‘reinstatement’ of Democracy (metapolitefsi), exactly like the persecutions done by the Nazis were further executed by the ‘liberator’ leaders of the allies: I am alluding to the Greek law on ‘parliament/ minister member responsibilities’ which is essence is an official admission that the government sector is being overrun by thieves, conspirators and murderers who consciously ar such and therefore have seen to it that they place themselves abovethe law, i.e. that they breach the Right not only of the access to security of all Humans/Citizens- since they are rampant in plaguing Humans/ Citizens with impunity, but also that of Equality before the law.

A simple overview even of current events (despite the lack of objectivity and inclusion of everything taking place) will enrich frightfully the list of examples.

However, to counter arguments of the type that ‘basically the Citizen is protected in his/her personal affairs’ or ‘there is a way for a Citizen to be represented and find Justice/ protect his/her Rights, I personally have gathered an overabundance of proof to the contrary. This proof is official (i.e. official documents by the State, legal case files, depositions, claims by state agents / officials, statements/ actions of politicians up to live recordings) and made known to the individuals the names of whom exist in it.

In particular, I have proof that lawyers in their sum are not taught to apply the Law but to terrorize the Citizens that the Law is powerless to protect them before the omnipotence of a judge of questionable integrity and level of corruption presiding over a trial or giving a decree on an issue. I have proof of the against-the-law rallying of the judiciary officials, police officers and public sector employees inillegal activity, up to testimonials of the indoctrination of such public sector employees under training: they are being trained in not knowing the laws of their country on the one hand, and not hesitating to break any law to cover the illegality- crime of a colleague or superior on the other hand.

I also have proof of overt disdain to/ breaching of the Constitution including intent to act as such by all without exception the ministers regardless of which administration/ government we talk about, but especially the latest ones in office.

Everything can be procured immediately with filing numbers, serving numbers and other documentation to whoever is interested or does not also possess similar proof from his/her daily life within our State or within any other (which is impossible if the person seeks to not be a part of the aforementioned groups-gangs even at a little level, and is above 15 years of age).

We therefore conclude, comparing the theory of existing/ founding and projected respect for Human Rights with the application/ action of these values globally, that in essence these values were never applied, not because something like that is impossible or utopian but simply because the People who shed their blood for them were to a great extent eradicated and the rest cheated by this global-level gang of infringers.

Clearly and scientifically we can successfully support with the above proof that


Anyone truly seeking the application of Human Rights for his/her own self primarily but also the others, is obligated to distance him/herself from the above practices and independently and singularly act to defend them.

Suggested treatment (i.e. the manner to deal with and abolish the diseased condition)


History has proven that the typical reaction (i.e., the violent attack against the individuals governing, with various resolutions from killing to exile) does not yield results and to a very big extent trivializes or corrodes the effect of the People’s Will, via the replacement of the former criminals with new ones or, in cases of superficial peace like the one we are experiencing now, the succession of specific groups in the positions of power without any real change to the better and over many changes for the worst for the People and the individual.

The process of elections and being elected is now fully corroded and burdened with several safety valves in place so that no person unwilling to cultivate and protect the silent dictatorship I described can enter. Therefore, neither that can safely be used since with proven mechanisms (a simple overview of the election laws as well as the requirements for candidates-parties will prove it) it is impossible to ensure a real representation of the People’s Will. In any case that is obvious when conducting referendums is severely avoided, even within these regimes of rigging we are having now, at least within the Hellenic People.

If, therefore, neither guns nor the vote is a decisive control point anymore, the only thing left which has not been corroded is the set of laws and the Constitution:

the Constitution, even in the adulterated form it now has, legalizes each Citizen to ignore and react, handling anyone as enemies of the People and the Regime who dares breach it or the Human Rights.
the Constitution does not require interpretation of the basic amendments since it relies upon every Citizen to protect it incase it is being compromised by outward as well as inward threats.
the Constitution in essence contains the Human Rights but beyond that, for all the countries that have signed the bill they have above-law and above-constitution validity/ power. Therefore, HUMAN RIGHTS ARE THE HIGHEST AND MOST SACRED LAW, THE ONLY ONE ABOVE THE CONSTITUTION.


Application – Procedure

The above has been applied by me and I am applying it to prove the force existing in the application of the above theory which aims at reinstating the Democracy without it being superficially applied and without, if possible, bloodshed. In essence it is the only way to break the vicious circle maintaining these dynasties that globally have been living parasitically and have been twisting-oppressing-committing crimes to keep the positions that truly belong to Democratic, Human-centered and Positive individuals.

With the completion of my research through the judiciary corps, I followed the above theory through the following steps:

Good knowledge of the Constitution
Good knowledge of basic criminal and civil law codes (not by heart)
systematic documentation of my course to defend my interests/ Rights with continuous filing of letters or reports, so that each attempt to break the law in my expense is officially documented.
determination and tenacity and persistence.

That which I ascertained as a single Citizen, without the accompaniment of a supporting mob, without the title of an official/ politician but just with the title of Citizen is the following:

no public servant, judiciary official/officer, politician or official dares write down that they are breaching the Constitution or Human Rights WHILE THEY WILL ATTEST TO THAT ORALLY/ VERBALLY.
all the above mentioned in 1 will misinterpret or simply erroneously/ in fragments mention laws, regulations, decrees, legislation or the Constitution itself to refuse to do that which their position demands of them, and for which they are being overabundantly paid.
all those mentioned in 1 will cling with the broken record tactic to already shot-down arguments hoping the Citizen will lose heart or be scared or have no more time to give to the issue or will not exist any longer for any reason. BUT IF THE CITIZEN PERSISTS REGARDLESS THEY WILL SUBSIDE AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE, MAINLY BY FREEZING THE CASE OR SATISFYING IT ONLY PARTIALLY.
all the above mentioned act exactly like gangs, in coordination and in accordance. Only when there is no further margin of supporting each other does this camaraderie break.
all the above mentioned disappear or are assigned another post when this camaraderie is about to break.
all are based on gaining time as the only actual weapon of defense they have against the Citizen who is rightfully seeking vindication.

Following the procedure with as persistence and patience it took in each case my Rights were breached (to the point I can record and prove it with evidence and testimonies) I managed to stave off personal disasters on the financial level (by the IRS and other agencies) as well as more generalized disasters on the professional and social level when due to my activity as a scientist-educator I was systematically undermined with the complicity of other citizens, public services and judiciary corps.

At this moment, without fear and with the interests of Greece in mind (that is, the interest of every Hellenic Citizen as myself, individually and in group) I take a series of steps aimed at the reinstatement of true Democracy at least as it is described in the Constitution, in its basic Amendments regarding the Human Rights and its final concluding amendments (NOT in the amendments incorporated by governments either completely anti-People or obviously non Democratic-treacherous).

In particular, to each ministry there has been sent via the President of the Parliament a specific declaration pointing out in the form of general patterned behaviour the way the Constitution and the Human Rights are being breached per jurisdiction, with the demand for a meaningful response and positioning as the Law demands.

In the second phase, each ministry is sent an official inquiry/ complaint/ report (depending on what the Law allows me to do under my function as Citizen, and it is a lot) containing specific law-breachings and infringements of the Constitution/ Human Rights, again with specific demands.

The third phase that is going to be pursued is persecution by me against anyone who, via their reaction/response to these letters, officially display their illegality.

The fourth phase after the blatant fall-out of Justice which I am expecting is going to happen, at least in some if not all sectors, is the denouncements of these peoples as dictators/ overthrowers of the Democratic Regime, making it totalitarian, worldwide (Greece has committed to not having an official totalitarian regime).

The fifth phase is about having the people take a stance en masse, since as a truly liberal and democratic person, what I am interested in is that the People and any People live what they truly want, even if that is to be a servant to anyone deciding to oppress them, BUT WHEN THEY HAVE TRULY UNDERSTOOD AND EXPERIENCED WHAT IT MEANS TO TRULY BE THE POWERFUL PEOPLE IN THEIR NATIONAL GROUND ALONE, FREE OF DEMAGOGUES AND MANIPULATION TACTICS FOR THE MASSES.


At this time I am at the second and third phases, and I have already survived attacks by the State in the professional, financial and social areas, with continuous and definitely brazen, blatant attempts to violently take me away from public life, indirectly through illegal financial charges, exhausting taxation, professional illegal undermining and false accusations which illegally are not dropped based on the overabundance of hard evidence (the trials never take place, or are delayed or are issued incomplete trial transcripts, the ministers change, district attorneys break the law and try to cover for each other when I accuse them, etc).

The reason I am now publicizing my action and my intentions is because I don’t want to have the same end as my murdered by the exact same state/regime father, whose true cause of death was hidden by state reports until today and was presented as collateral damage instead of an intended victim killed willfully and maliciously.

I wish to make it known, in case my name or that of my daughter’s and co-fighting Citizen Tanya Maria Geritsidou, is ever found in a list of collateral damage, accidents, ‘random’ violence/ crimes of the simple criminal code, illness (we are fully healthy), that our action is impossible to fail, at least in offering to those who want it, the free will to choose what life they want to lead, without having to shed their blood for it.

If something like that happens, it will simply denote the scope of despair of those exploiting Humanity and Greece in particular, and the scope of the success of two individual Citizens without any other support nor seeking of such support, against all those summoning armies and mobs to sow terror.

Our Cause is especially designed not to have followers nor leader, but to stem from truly Free Individuals, as is the quality of the real Hellenic and any other Free Nation.

Our Cause does not need a leader nor a specific group/ rallying or organization. It only needs Free, Adult Individuals not seeking leaders but leading their own lives, able to evaluate and make choices without following, but instead with walking alongside. Each fight by the Greeks fought that way was successful, and only failed when it was saddled with just one leader instead of having every Greek be one.

Anyone who attempts to use any part of this ideology of ours, of our work and our fight to become a leader for anyone else, will be a usurper like Napoleon was of the French Revolution and the Papandreou family of the life and murder of Gregory Lambrakis.

In full knowledge and conscience of the above, in Athens, August 6 2009

Olga Georgiou Yeritsidou

Tanya Maria Geritsidou

Monday, June 1, 2009

Euroelections 2009

June’s editorial has this title because all types of elections ought to be an opportunity to thoroughly review and evaluate the political situation as well as the socioeconomic course of the society in which lives the Citizen who is called to a participate in them.

Primarily, before we go on to any further activity we must see what the elections really are and what they have come to be: in all democratic societies the elections and referendum institutions is the most powerful and serious weapon of the People that allows them to express directly and immediately their will. In these cases the results of the elections are considered and must be sacred since they are the real will of the People/ the Demos.

But we have many times proven that there is no Democracy in Greece (and in other countries claiming to be democratic, but at this time we are focusing on our country). This is evident in every day life and manifests fully in our economy, where stratification becomes more and more extreme/ notable, with few rich ones and many poor ones, just like in every Oligarchy History has recorded.

What, then, are the elections when there is no true Democracy?

Of course we can’t claim that the elections express the People’s will, fact which has been repeatedly proven in the political history of the past few years when even in the occasion that the election results ( despite all pressures) does not reflect that which the few of the ruling class desire, the results are either blatantly ignored or the elections are repeated again and again until the desired result is acquired.

What then are in truth the elections in the reality we are experiencing daily and not in the theory that should have been applied?

The elections are the opium of the People.

Just like once, the opium was the blatant and unabashed twisting of religious tenets, positions and obligations to the point of a true social pathology (especially in historical cases like the Crusades and more recently the Jihad issue) so does now, that society places the importance of social happenings in the areas of science and politics, the opium has changed from ‘religion’ to ‘elections’. (We will analyze the true significance of religion and the power it can offer to the People in future articles. The only thing we will keep in mind today is that opium is something that in its proper form bestows the People and the Citizen individually with immense freedom and power.)

But why are the elections opium?

Just as in older times every corrupt and venal, power hungry priest/ cardinal/ mufti/ etc spieled and terrorized the masses through religion since he presented himself as the designated authority/ representative of it, so does now each corrupt politician / economics expert/ corporation owner/ banker-industrialist/ ship owner spiels and terrorizes the masses through the following paths, for which s/he is considered falsely the designated representative and authority:

A) Through politics as the only way of survival of society (politics or social death)
B) Through the economic science as the only way of survival of society (economic measures or death)

Like in older times the priest ( who does it now, as well, but just doesn’t have the social podium he had in earlier times and it is much more socially permitted to ignore him, on the contrary the scientist or the politician must be obeyed with reverence) the politician now frightens the People with the following very wrong arguments of ‘doom’:

“If you reject those who are exploiting the political scene, immediately your life will become terribly difficult/ wild/ monstrous”.

This is completely wrong since those who exploit the political scene act only in such a manner as to keep the People at a safe distance from themselves while they are devouring and embezzling what is the People’s. The People are self-sustaining and in essence self-administered. Many of the People have already realized this and it there wasn’t alienation and interruption of communications between them (as they rely on the mass media to learn what their fellow people really believe, and thus maintain a deeply erroneous image) they would have realized that they are not the only individuals who have seen it and think it.

Therefore, and in manners we will analyze in our articles, since due to space limitation it is impossible to do it in the editorial, to refuse to elect a political party in the elections, European and National, instead of being total disaster can be the rebirth of Democracy. Total disaster will take place only for those who need these state positions to survive and achieve a parasitic life at the expense of the rest.

“If we don’t listen to the economics specialists/ economics scientists blindly, even if simple arithmetic and common logic of every Citizen reveals the magnitude of their incompetence/ corruption, society will collapse.”

That which few realize is that the economic science has not been created for the betterment of the economic situation of all the social strata. The reason for its creation is the ‘control of the market’ as has been rendered clear by its founding fathers such as Adam Smith. Control means in this case how better to embezzle the riches produced by the true productive classes, i.e. the working and middle class. The time period of the creation of this science supports the above, since it was created when it was finally rendered hard (and it was visible that it would soon be impossible) to apply the law of ‘powerful feudal lord/ aristocrat/ land owner’ to usurp the People’s riches. Thus there was created a science (i.e., something that the people had learned to respect as true knowledge they must adhere to and heed) which would present ‘facts’ to the People to convince them to give up on their own their riches and let themselves become poorer on their own (e.g. inflation/ thrift/ crises and therefore destruction of opulent crops/ destruction of production goods/ waiving of rights such as the 8 hour work day/ etc).

In essence and as we have demonstrated in earlier articles, each Citizen who has managed to survive financially despite a thousand unexpected twists and turns, sans ‘safety net’ as the large corporations and corporation owners are said to have, is much more able to take up the country’s money matters than those who award each other every year on a political and industrialist level.

This last year proved the above beyond doubt through the despondence of the Peoples of the Eurozone, which is actually so named because of the guarantee of the Stability and Growth Pact for stable and blooming economies which would make Citizens’ life financially easier. The representative Almunia who ‘decides and decrees’ the economic policy of so many countries has demonstrated how invalid he is since he audaciously has declared that he is simply experimenting and is not at all certain of the success for his assorted planning.

Therefore, common as well as scientific opinion shows that these forces threatening the People in the above manners and doomsday blackmailing statements act only at the expense of the People and not at their interest and thus if they are removed the people will benefit.

If he had true elections, the election result should reflect the general discontent of the People towards all the political parties and towards the European Union itself.

That could occur in two ways, which are in truth one: either have a great percentage of abstention or very low percentages that would forbid the formation of any government (in the case of National elections) or the election of any non-independent Europarliament member.

What does that mean?

When the elections show that nobody appeals to the People, then a Referendum should occur on what the People want and how they want it. Not a gagging through the election of anyone based on ridiculous percentages representing a minority and which have been yielded after complex and nebulous in their logic processes and calculations.

Elections become opium when while the above holds true (great abstention and low percentages in every party) the People are let to believe that they are the ones who chose the small dictator partying at his/her balcony at the end of the count. Thus the People feel that ‘since I voted for him, I will tolerate him without complaint’ while in truth they never did select that person. Thus the People are lulled/ drugged into a lack of reaction when they are abused and financially, socially and politically raped by each ‘government’.

The time has come to understand that anything asking us to irrationally accept things ‘to avoid the worse’, ‘because we have to’, ‘because that’s what’s happening globally’ is the true opium of the People, whether it is ‘religion’ or ‘politics’ or ‘social life’.

Common logic based on real feedback is what helped humans survive. Submission to ‘society’ is what pushed humans to suicide.

Society is the result of human evolution and therefore changes as this evolution occurs. Whenever humans stunt their own evolution (i.e. block their thought, gag their speech, be afraid of the reaction of their surrounding people, chooses the lesser evil and does not decide to create the good rather than wait to be given it by those who have proven to be bad) for the sake of preserving society as it is, humans have literally degenerated.

With the occasion of Euroelection, let’s begin seeing whether we live in a time of full degeneration, so that it will not be necessary to come out of it in the violent manner History has demonstrated is usually done.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Clinically Dead

The definition between what is living and what is dead, though at first sight seems an easy observation to make for anyone, in essence is often presented with countless ‘gray areas’ where what is living and what is dead is hard (in theory) to ascertain. Actually, many ‘experts’ and for sure the mass media claim that in those ‘gray area’ cases the common sense and/ or simple observation based on criteria is not enough to understand whether something can live on or has died. Therefore we often have cases where something that is decomposing is kept yet so that it seems that it is artificially breathing (and therefore give the chance to some to claim that this something is alive) whereas something else that does have life sustains blood letting and attacks until it dies.

Therefore, in those unhealthy cases we have clinically dead ones who slowly decay with the false impression that they are living, breathing the stolen breath of those who have life and therefore produce.

For sure, we are not referring to the cases where people are in the ICU and fight by themselves without the capacity to commit the theft described above. That which we are describing happens only on social, political and economic levels in different versions, from the personal life within a family to the global level and the ‘family’ of the countries and the human race.

In particular, the condition in our society, at least since the eve of the Second World War to today (researchers of different social sciences can claim that this has been happening for a much bigger time span, up to several centuries) has been clinically dead and artificially and violently fed from the potential of the human race which has gone past the state of maturation for the evolution from this current state of society we are experiencing to the next one. In essence our society today is like the human embryo which was remained in the uterus for much more than the nine months needed to perfect the body, and now the uterus which had sustained it is absorbing it again, devouring it since the embryo was not born and remains inside.

How does this translate to our social reality?

During approximately two centuries and the beginning of the 20th, around the globe our society had reached, through parallel processes depending on the country and the culture and special circumstances, the point of birthing we described above: the social condition where few people of doubtful quality and capacity and power subsisted, living off the toil of the many without motivation to evolve but rather motivation to stagnate, was deemed unacceptable and intolerable around the world.

By stagnation we mean the passive and pointless consumption and existence without any specific target but the perpetuation of this pointless consumption, accompanied by a hollow and barren worship of social symbols of establishment which everyone knew were pretexts and not actual (e.g. no scepter of any king or emperor, no capital or luxurious mansion of a corporation owner protected them when their surrounding aristocrats/ capital holders/ relatives decided they didn’t want them or desired a change of scenery).

By passive consumption we mean the desire-‘ambition’ of anyone to acquire ‘wealth’ with the only purpose to maintain one’s body and dress it up (often in funny ways) in a continuous cycle which, however, has no evolution since beyond assorted ways to do the exact same thing (i.e. eat and dress) there is no other element of differentiation or change in personality, way of thinking or improvement of existence of Humans in general.

To be crystal clear, we will define active consumption as the care of an individual to keep him/herself in good health and psychological condition, feeding and dressing his/her body so that he/she be able to achieve some other goal unrelated to his/her bodily maintenance or maintenance in a situation (e.g. social circle) but is instead related to answering questions, research on various levels to have problems solved, improvement of the new generation in all its facets and the general achievement of the betterment of Humans as an existence and living upon the earth. Any Human who does this, does not do it only for him/herself but always does it investing on his/her Fellow Human who also cooperates. Any Human who does not do this belongs to the previous group which causes the condition we are describing today regarding our society.

Why do we place the point in time so far back and not now?

In general lines, from the point in time in any country when enlightenment took place, which was a natural development-reaction of the people who finally could not be satisfied with what they were being told and based on common sense demanded for answers (the middle class is not independent from the rest of the groups of the People but part of them, as we can support sociologically) and of course they got them, from that age on after there came social ‘labor pains’ of birthing in the form of assorted manners of demand for change of the social condition. It is not by chance that all these demands for change are similar regarding the thirst for freedom, education and ensuring of the basic bodily needs of Humans for all Humans. These processes climaxed with the mass abolition (even in name only) of the assorted master-slave relationships where a Human accepted to become an object (for use, buying and selling) for another one, and in their position it was attempted by all the People, with the true middle class at the forefront (i.e. the People who got educated), to establish a new relationship of independent, free and equal, responsible cooperating Humans.

That was the point of birthing: society had by that time matured from the previous stage and was ready to go on to the next, which was ‘in the plans’ as a goal since time immemorial and officially for a staggeringly large part of Humanity for at least 2000 years (beyond the pure Dogma of Christianity without the interpretations and distortion, innumerable Human civilizations had recorded this goal in various forms and at various points in time).

And how did we get from that point to the clinically dead society?

In every birth there is a mechanism that maintains the birthing condition until the baby is born. It is known that if a doctor or a midwife wishes it, he/she knows counter-mechanisms that can stop the birthing and the baby can remain within the uterus.

In that exact same logic, social birthing was interrupted with a series of mechanisms that were applied by all those who are not interested in anything but passive consumption and the maintaining of stagnation, and who exist in all the economic ranks/ levels with a tendency to have a greater concentration of them as we go up: the Second World War (at least, since the First can also be shown to have served matching interests) was a primary measure where a great percentage of the world true middle class, which was responsible for the process of evolution and the current phase of changing the social organization-condition, was eradicated. That is how happenings and ‘inane’ battle organizations/ bombings can be explained, where carnage of people took place, such as the battle of Normandy (D-Day), the bombing of Berlin and Dresden, the mass executions of populations by the Nazi as they were retreating from occupied lands after the war had been judged, the holocaust against the Jewish people, the communists, the People who went against inhuman orders on both sides and the conscientious keeping of all the death penalties meted out by the Nazis by the allies-‘liberators’, even when the death sentence was due to acts against the Axis and for the Allies.

In all the areas and countries where the bloodshed of the Second World War did not eradicate the part of the People promoting the development of society (actually in areas such as Greece, instead of eradicating that element, it was instead enforced and more widely spread), there came immediately and with various pretexts successive and relentless wars / strife, one bloodier than the other. However they were not widely known around the globe nor were they ever tagged as bloody as the last world war because (comparatively) they were smaller, limited only within the borders of the countries still having the healthy, active population- so no matter how high the number of the people lost in each one, it was always lower than the massive number of dead of the WWII carnage. For example, Greece suffered directly after WWII the Civil War, which was what eradicated the communist government the People desired to have. That notwithstanding, there also came dictatorships and other mass pretexts for eradication/dispersing of the Greeks through the waves of immigration in coordination with the persecution/ exiles of specific ideals/ beliefs.

A simple overview of at least 90% of the countries of the world will reveal the exact same pattern: after a People’s-middle class move towards change and evolution of the social condition there comes one or a series of episodes causing mass deaths that as a rule plague exactly those social groups desiring evolution. No exception exists to this rule, even in countries such as Great Britain and the USA.

With the essential eradication of whole generations of the real middle class which is a forefront of the People, we have the reign of the other social group that passively consumes and desires stagnation and therefore the birthing has been arrested/ inhibited. From the labor pains there remains only the illusion that because they stopped, the baby must have been born: it is the hollow repetition and lip service to concepts and words and the twisted use/ reference to successes of this eradicated part of Humanity, while the old order of things is fully applied: the old order of things that has wrongly been called ‘new world order’. That is, by giving the illusion of Democracy, Equality, Freedom and Human Rights, the relationship of master-slave is ruthlessly enforced, with many people depending to the point of life or death from the few and to the point where Humans have gone back to being objects, bought and sold and or equal or lesser worth than a cog in a machine.

But why do we call this condition clinically dead now, and not just evil, unacceptable and inhuman?

Because this condition has died and at this time it is decomposing: humans are pushed to produce things that are useless or far too many while at the same time humans are deprived of vital elements/ goods for their bodily, mental and psychological survival. Very logically, that which fed this society, passive consumption, drops since those who can or want to consume become less and less and richer and richer, making the rest multitudinous groups poor and out of this system. Therefore, just like in any body deprived of its blood, this system which is based on passive consumption is dead. Right now, and for at least twenty years (many more in specific countries) an attempt is simply taking place to convince that instead of dead, this society is alive because it still gives a semblance of breathing, just like anyone clinically dead that is forced to upon the intensive care bed.

In this case, the life support of the clinically dead social system is the continuous ‘stimulation’ of the economy with staggering amounts directed to the plutocratic classes that bloodletted the rest and towards branches of the production that make goods which can’t/ won’t be absorbed by the population and therefore the inevitable is being cultivated to take place with a greater bang (no matter how much the car industry is funded, it won’t be able to sell the cars it will make when the target group is trying to ensure daily food). Therefore the symptom that cased death is accentuated even more and the course towards death is accelerated: i.e., in a body that is bleeding and is about to die from it, a heart stimulant is prescribed that makes it beat faster (and therefore the body looks more alive and likely to regain consciousness), fact which makes what blood there remained in the veins to spill even faster from the wound nobody has sealed.

That is exactly the way the bank funding and bankrupt corporation bail-out method is working in combination with the over-taxing and blatant persecution of humans on a financial and social level as they are pushed to the serfdom of the so-called ‘flexible work conditions/terms’. However, the social system is not going to revive because the People, despite the systematic eradication of its members who promoted the true birthing which was stopped, remember both the labor pains and that which should have been born and never was.

Birthing is one of the strongest commands of nature, almost as powerful in its command as death itself: no matter how much it is artificially arrested, it will take place at some point in time. The same holds for the social condition. The fear through which at this time they are maintaining the old order of things which they name ‘new’ can exist only as long as one doesn’t sense one is going to be immediately exterminated. Fear dissipates when one realizes that one is not ‘going’ to drown, one is drowning and one must reach out and grab the life-buoy or swim. From the moment the People decide to swim on their own without political leaders and ‘help’ from abroad, from allies and international organizations which openly state they have cultivated and caused all this anguish and are going to prolong it (through the statements of Obama, Hilary Clinton, A. Merkel, N. Sarkozy and every other political leader of every country, who speak of taxation and pressure on the People even at the expense of Human Rights to fund the super-rich individuals belonging to the highest plutocratic classes) and to accentuate it, then that which was blocked in the middle of the 20th century will take place in full.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Communication Policy and the Interpretation of Political Crime

From the shocking atrocity of the cold blooded murder of underage Alexandros, even more shocking is the atrocity of the entire communicational policy and trivia being expressed, projected and becomes an attempt to be enforced by all the mass media without exception. That on which so many who are coveting and seeking to exploit the blood of a Person and his family are feverishly working on, is to twist the very right and healthy point of view of the Greek People and attempt to impose on them the idea that this child was rightfully killed by the hand of the special guard of the police.

Correctly, the Greek People as a whole, regardless of political affiliation, age and socio-economic level denounced and was enraged by this heinous crime based on the following sound, healthy logic:

The police and all its departments are there to serve and protect the Citizens as the Constitution and the Laws dictate. It is not there to pass judgment, give verdicts or carry out executions. In this framework, the first which is forbidden wholly and in any case is to murder or in anyway cause the death of any Citizen in any occasion. The obligation of the Police is to isolate, limit and get control of any Citizen behavior breaks the Law and/or beraches the limits of the Freedom of others. Also, the exercise of violence is always the last resort, it is always used in the least possible expression and its goal is to at the most stun the Citizen who at that particular moment is crossing the line.

Therefore, murder by a police officer is one of the capital crimes against Life and Humans and always involves malice since the police officer always possesses a higher social power than the victim, he/she is always more protected and more armed than the Citizens and he/she handles executive power. The breaching of the Law, therefore, by the police officer himself shows a direct will and premeditation to break the law as well as conscious choice to abuse and exploit his/her power that the State and the People have entrusted in him/her.

At this point we will need to mention that the above analysis is pertinent to the behavior required by police officers towards Citizens and not towards wanted or verified malevolent elements who are proven to bear arms and murder and rob the Citizens dry, from whom the police officer ought to protect them. In these cases, the police officer is obliged to behave as the Citizens’ bodyguard, since the Citizens pay his/her salary for this exact service. But even in this case, the police officer ought to use the least possible violence and if he/she is forced to return the fire of the criminal gun carrying person, so that he/she will exhaust the limits of immobilization without the taking of life.

That is the general trajectory along which the entire Greek people pays through taxation to equip and staff the Police with special psychologists, special trainers and professors and programs to be able to act in the above described manner.

We come, therefore, to the level of the accessories before the fact. The police officer/ special guard who went ahead and pulling his weapon and the trigger as well as his partner who did not obstruct him and afterwards did not arrest him, were both allowed to wear uniforms and carry guns by a series of ranking officials who approved of the persons and their training as sufficient to be able to diffuse or handle intense situations with Citizens.

The ones who pushed for and facilitated the execution of young Alexis, in whose position there could be and can be any Citizen, are the ones who hired these people and then armed them: those who legalized and considered sufficient and safe the training of four months for special guards, those who never oversaw nor saw to those people so that they would be legal and keep upkeeping the Law continually, and did not find it alarming when the nickname ‘Rambo’ was circulating for a man who is armed and is represented the Law and Order (we name ‘Rambo’ someone who is trigger happy, ruthless and tending to overuse extreme and mechanistic violence and guns. Notable, ‘Rambo’ is not a hero of the city but of the special commando forces – killers of Vietnam). Therefore, those who should also be prosecuted and condemned for the accessory before the fact of Alexandros-Andreas Gregoropoulos and all the other victims of the police are all those who signed, vetted and maintained the existence of such persons and such summary procedures of criminal negligence within the Force which ought to protect the Citizens and not kill them: That means that all the range of the ranks from the President of the Democracy who signed the State gazette for the special guards, the Prime Minister as the supervisor of all the ministers, the minister of the Public Order, and all the chiefs of police, commisars, directors, staff supervisors/ human resources managers, trainers and colleagues who did not draw the attention to the unsuitability of the particular criminal.

Of course, taking stock of those who should be charged and persecuted for this heinous crime, as well as the accessibility all these have to the mass media as well as their usual continuous use of the mass media to avoid responsibility and to disorient, it is easy to infer the motivation (i.e. the answer to the question ‘but why are they doing this?’) of the propaganda and distorting action of the mass media these days.

In particular, the general lines/ issues projected through discussions and commentaries are the following:

The police officer has mitigating factors for the murder of a minor/ unarmed Citizen if:

1. he fears for his life
2. the victim hasn’t got a good academic record at school
3. the victim has no good social life with peers and friends
4. the victim is lively/ makes noise/ causes trouble
5. the victim comes from an affluent family
6. the victim is in areas where affluent families don’t usually go
7. the victim is in an area where it is justified to enforce Order through weapons
8. the victim has a history of being in the audience of athletic events and other great gatherings
9. the victim has a deviant behavior and has been a hooded one
10. the victim has changed schools and /or has been expelled

This, of course, means the following:

If anything of the above 10 points projected by the mass media with any excuse and are a point of argumentation and discussion are reasons for mitigation or justification/ acquittal from the charges of murder in the first degree, then that means through simple logic that:

The murder of a Citizen by a police officer is justified and possible, at the police officer’s leisure to decide if the victim has the following characteristics according to the judgment and perception of the police officer committing the murder:

1. low academic competence/ dyslexia/ learning difficulties
2. frequent or singular switch of schools for any reason
3. loneliness/ non-harmonious interaction/ interaction with adults, peers, co-students
4. participation to outings and athletic gatherings with co-students’ group/ peers
5. deviance and/ or possible deviance according to the officer’s judgment
6. use of verbal resistance/ violence/ disobedience/ reactivity towards the offending officer
7. former living displayed deviance regardless of the current behavior
8. accessibility/ presence in areas when the offending officer evaluates that characterize/ give the stigma of the social deviant/ criminal

and of course, the murder would be considered or will be considered justified or expected if the perpetrator declares he felt fear, he was tired, that he was in a bad psychological condition or that he needed to vent.

The reason that the above irrational and illegal and immoral reasoning which is being cultivated by the mass media is important in that it primarily fully exempts all the accessories before the fact and will most likely attempt to exempt the perpetrator to, i.e. the killer.

If he is exempt with any of the above excuses or he is given mitigation so that he will not receive the capital punishment (life imprisonment) to him as well as to all the accessories before the fact and accomplices to the cover up, a legal precedent is created that murder is acceptable when committed by authorities claiming the above lawless and against Human Rights claims.

That means that parents must begin fearing for their lives, and their children’s lives daily, exactly as in the period of the occupation of Greece by the Nazis the only thing required for an on-the-spot execution was the evaluation/ judgment of the soldier and/ or the pointing of the hooded informer with the mast, in a location that any one of the Greek Citizens could by chance find him/herself at the wrong moment.