Tuesday, November 11, 2008

State and Polity (part 2)

The decomposition of States and the anarchy attacking them are created by the fact that the basic defense mechanism every State ought to have (and claims it has) is not employed but rather is nonexistent or atrophied: the People’s check.

The People’s check is defined as the full participation and interaction of each individual Citizen in the functioning of the State and the application of the basic rules and values so that maintenance and continuous renewal of ‘the State contract’ which determines the cooperation and organization of all the citizens with common purpose the maximization of the quality of living and development/ evolution of it is achieved.

Theoretically this is happening today, in the anarchic and decomposing state, but in essence it is not happening because a factor counteracting fully the power of the People’s check has been introduced: representation.

Representation is a weapon of the anarchic subgroups exploiting the states around the world and which cancels out two basic functions of the Citizen and thus turning him/her into a malleable unit. The factors being arrested/ cancelled out are the alertness of the Citizen and his/her determination. That is, with the representative, the Citizen relies on that and stops occupying him/herself with what he/she has entrusted in the representative and thus learns not to react and not to act in regulation in the cases when the authorities and the rules of the State the Citizen has created are breached. When, in the end, there comes the time where the Citizen will need to intervene, the time or reaction and effectiveness of the reaction are significantly diminished regarding efficiency. Also, the concept of the representative as it is presented implies that the Citizen doesn’t have the capacity to be as effective as the representative and therefore it is up to the representative to enforce the Citizen power. When, therefore, the Citizen needs to check the representative he/she feels he/she can’t, he/she hesitates, he/she is afraid and is generally undecided, thus allowing the representative (who is not representing the Citizen but the anarchic subgroups) to infringe even more on the Citizen rights.

If there is no representation but on the contrary the Citizen is called to contribute and check for him/herself that the authorities are applying and defending the law and the Constitution, we achieve the maintenance of the People as powerful, dynamic and effective arbitrator and defender of the State which the People have created. The People’s control without representation is an unbeatable force which is non-bribable and only very briefly and very difficultly swayable for the sole reason that the People are numerous and based on the general election percentages, 70% unconvinced by political manipulations. We see that because primarily the percentages electing governments in the state as it is now don’t surpass 30-35% (and only with the great influx of voters from sources not purely of the People such as immigrants and nationals of the diaspora) after highly complex and fabricated election laws and electoral constituencies where a single vote is virtually multiplied by a thousand via all these procedures.

It has been clearly stated by politicians and political analysts that if the simple vote count system was used- a majority wins system-, which would be the true representation of People’s will, there would be no chance of the government getting established in any way except a composite one (from all parties) which means that the People’s will would be the one determining situations and not the hostage situation of the People by a few groups/ families which consist the political aristocracy (including the hereditary right) surrounding the king-prime minister.

Therefore, based on the rules of democracy the People has already rejected and continues to reject systematically all those boasting that they have received the People’s order and who in essence are a dreadfully small minority compared the massive majority of all the active Citizens regardless of religion and political alignment.

We see therefore that the People’s check is very healthy and has the full capacity through true democracy to oversee and apply the rules the People themselves have put in place through struggles which, with mathematic accuracy, have always been sabotaged or been embezzled by these anarchic groups specializing in the corruption and twisting of every system of rules and values that by nature revokes the capacity for these groups to be unfettered, anarchic and with impunity.

What does this mean for the State and how can we as People bring about not change, as we don’t need to change the value and rule system our forefathers have founded, but the application of the Constitutional values as they are described in the first part of the Constitution and is the same as the Human Rights Bill?

This means that we will have to stop leaning against representatives of any kind and we should stop considering them a safety buoy but rather we should understand that we already know how to swim- and very well: we shoved off the true difficulties and hardship without any representatives. We should use representatives as they were meant to be used; as technical advisors who will help us swim faster and with less effort. We must realize that we have the capacity, skill and intelligence/ critical thought to understand whether a representative does not serve us, but rather undermines us and destroys us, and therefore when we are better off without him/her, relying on the experience in swimming we have acquired from our ancestors who passed it on to us.

The People have already realized the above and that is why the banks are emptied from the People’s cash that the bankers didn’t manage to get, the market doesn’t move except in ways benefiting the People rather than the intermediary and the climate of discontent and anger towards the sum of the politicians and the great capital holders is so heavy that K. Karamanlis was forced to enter and exit the Vellidio building (where he would deliver his speech) while running and surrounded by an army of bodyguards when there were People gathered and engaged in political behaviors.

The next step the People must take so that this correct and very intelligent, healthy position is translated in action for the whole of the People is to decide that each one of them is infinitely more capable (regardless of socioeconomic condition) than all those politicians the People have rejected and who are improperly in Parliament, in the government and in Society. Therefore each of the People can and ought to activate the last clause of the Constitution and demand that all those anarchists withdraw for ever after they have reimbursed the People in every way for the disobedience to the People order that has been given systematically since the beginnings of the 20th century regarding the assorted important issues of Greek Society, and which orders have been systematically ignored.

This involves denial to take into account or heed any order/ law/ legislation/ taxation/ tax/ general demand imposed on the people unconstitutionally and abusively, denial to fund this anarchic state (i.e. stop paying taxes, fines, tolls, state fees). In this manner the huge, blocked political power of the People’s check will be released immediately since in essence we will deny to consent, support and submit not to the democratic system which is our own creation, but to this random micromandarinistic anarchic group of ‘politicians’ which disobeys Democracy and the People’s Order for them to leave, and underhandedly enforces kingship and aristocrats to the People’s face.

This display of the People’s power will be huge: the only thing that we need to consider is how the unabashed oppression/ racism against the Blacks of the USA crumbled, when the only thing they stopped doing was to pay the bus fare ticket, worth a few pennies, fact which was the trigger and the lever of their liberating struggle for Human Rights, which they won. The only thing that was needed was perseverance and determination for a year (December 1955 – November 1956).

Of course such an act, so revolutionary and abiding by the Constitution (since it is the manner with which the People will enforce Democracy, forcing these usurping anarchists to stand down with the terms and the manner the People will demand) will bring about great reaction from the politicians, big business people, bankers, ship owners/ industrialists/ grand commerce dealers and their lackeys who are fed from them (i.e. phenotypically ‘people of the People’, such as reporters, journalists, satiric showmen, special commentators, etc, who however belong to a party and fight tooth and nails to direct common opinion according to the orders of their bosses that we just mentioned), mainly of a propaganda- oriented nature. They will try to threaten and terrorize the People that they will not have work, pensions, salaries, wages, payment, electricity, water, phone services if the People don’t continue to pay the assorted head taxes and other taxes of the illegal and unfair kind. They will terrorize with threats of every kind of violence from robberies to international forces to force the People to waive their power and continue to pay. It is characteristic that the moment the People began not entrusting their money to the banks (the media indirectly admit that the banks have emptied from the deposits of the People granting them cash flow), several incidents of theft and robberies were reported from the news, telling indirectly but certainly to the People that if they don’t want to have their money stolen and their lives threatened, they should return their money to the bank.

That which we must keep in mind is that these threats are up to 90% empty and the 10% of threats which needs our attention is fully handleable with social solidarity and decision to have each Citizen move without depending on the means given by the state system, while this state system is in the control of anarchic subgroups described in part 1, and which are at this moment ‘governing’ us. Also we must keep in mind that while the chances are that each Citizen will earn many thousands of euro doing this resistance (since the Citizen won’t pay taxes and tax pays and fines enforced but will instead keep the money for personal use) the current ‘power holders’ we described will be losing thousands or even millions of euro by the hour, thus losing also power and lackeys.

Therefore, it will be a matter for time to oust those who have in essence abolished Democracy and are jeering the Constitution and the laws we as the People have voted in referendums and enforced with actual mobilizations so that we will be able to reinstate the State from anarchic to ordered, relieving the Constitution and legislation from clauses that are traitorous, remnants of the Junta by Papadopoulos, Metaxas and older ones which have no relation whatsoever to the Democratic Constitution the People consented to have so that they will be able to have control of their political, social and natural life according to Human Rights.

In the next editorial we will explain step by step the functioning of the correct Democratic State and how the occupation of the People with it can yield for the People the monthly revenue of more than 3,000 euro based on the Gross National Product of the country and simple addition and subtraction skills.

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