Monday, December 15, 2008

Communication Policy and the Interpretation of Political Crime

From the shocking atrocity of the cold blooded murder of underage Alexandros, even more shocking is the atrocity of the entire communicational policy and trivia being expressed, projected and becomes an attempt to be enforced by all the mass media without exception. That on which so many who are coveting and seeking to exploit the blood of a Person and his family are feverishly working on, is to twist the very right and healthy point of view of the Greek People and attempt to impose on them the idea that this child was rightfully killed by the hand of the special guard of the police.

Correctly, the Greek People as a whole, regardless of political affiliation, age and socio-economic level denounced and was enraged by this heinous crime based on the following sound, healthy logic:

The police and all its departments are there to serve and protect the Citizens as the Constitution and the Laws dictate. It is not there to pass judgment, give verdicts or carry out executions. In this framework, the first which is forbidden wholly and in any case is to murder or in anyway cause the death of any Citizen in any occasion. The obligation of the Police is to isolate, limit and get control of any Citizen behavior breaks the Law and/or beraches the limits of the Freedom of others. Also, the exercise of violence is always the last resort, it is always used in the least possible expression and its goal is to at the most stun the Citizen who at that particular moment is crossing the line.

Therefore, murder by a police officer is one of the capital crimes against Life and Humans and always involves malice since the police officer always possesses a higher social power than the victim, he/she is always more protected and more armed than the Citizens and he/she handles executive power. The breaching of the Law, therefore, by the police officer himself shows a direct will and premeditation to break the law as well as conscious choice to abuse and exploit his/her power that the State and the People have entrusted in him/her.

At this point we will need to mention that the above analysis is pertinent to the behavior required by police officers towards Citizens and not towards wanted or verified malevolent elements who are proven to bear arms and murder and rob the Citizens dry, from whom the police officer ought to protect them. In these cases, the police officer is obliged to behave as the Citizens’ bodyguard, since the Citizens pay his/her salary for this exact service. But even in this case, the police officer ought to use the least possible violence and if he/she is forced to return the fire of the criminal gun carrying person, so that he/she will exhaust the limits of immobilization without the taking of life.

That is the general trajectory along which the entire Greek people pays through taxation to equip and staff the Police with special psychologists, special trainers and professors and programs to be able to act in the above described manner.

We come, therefore, to the level of the accessories before the fact. The police officer/ special guard who went ahead and pulling his weapon and the trigger as well as his partner who did not obstruct him and afterwards did not arrest him, were both allowed to wear uniforms and carry guns by a series of ranking officials who approved of the persons and their training as sufficient to be able to diffuse or handle intense situations with Citizens.

The ones who pushed for and facilitated the execution of young Alexis, in whose position there could be and can be any Citizen, are the ones who hired these people and then armed them: those who legalized and considered sufficient and safe the training of four months for special guards, those who never oversaw nor saw to those people so that they would be legal and keep upkeeping the Law continually, and did not find it alarming when the nickname ‘Rambo’ was circulating for a man who is armed and is represented the Law and Order (we name ‘Rambo’ someone who is trigger happy, ruthless and tending to overuse extreme and mechanistic violence and guns. Notable, ‘Rambo’ is not a hero of the city but of the special commando forces – killers of Vietnam). Therefore, those who should also be prosecuted and condemned for the accessory before the fact of Alexandros-Andreas Gregoropoulos and all the other victims of the police are all those who signed, vetted and maintained the existence of such persons and such summary procedures of criminal negligence within the Force which ought to protect the Citizens and not kill them: That means that all the range of the ranks from the President of the Democracy who signed the State gazette for the special guards, the Prime Minister as the supervisor of all the ministers, the minister of the Public Order, and all the chiefs of police, commisars, directors, staff supervisors/ human resources managers, trainers and colleagues who did not draw the attention to the unsuitability of the particular criminal.

Of course, taking stock of those who should be charged and persecuted for this heinous crime, as well as the accessibility all these have to the mass media as well as their usual continuous use of the mass media to avoid responsibility and to disorient, it is easy to infer the motivation (i.e. the answer to the question ‘but why are they doing this?’) of the propaganda and distorting action of the mass media these days.

In particular, the general lines/ issues projected through discussions and commentaries are the following:

The police officer has mitigating factors for the murder of a minor/ unarmed Citizen if:

1. he fears for his life
2. the victim hasn’t got a good academic record at school
3. the victim has no good social life with peers and friends
4. the victim is lively/ makes noise/ causes trouble
5. the victim comes from an affluent family
6. the victim is in areas where affluent families don’t usually go
7. the victim is in an area where it is justified to enforce Order through weapons
8. the victim has a history of being in the audience of athletic events and other great gatherings
9. the victim has a deviant behavior and has been a hooded one
10. the victim has changed schools and /or has been expelled

This, of course, means the following:

If anything of the above 10 points projected by the mass media with any excuse and are a point of argumentation and discussion are reasons for mitigation or justification/ acquittal from the charges of murder in the first degree, then that means through simple logic that:

The murder of a Citizen by a police officer is justified and possible, at the police officer’s leisure to decide if the victim has the following characteristics according to the judgment and perception of the police officer committing the murder:

1. low academic competence/ dyslexia/ learning difficulties
2. frequent or singular switch of schools for any reason
3. loneliness/ non-harmonious interaction/ interaction with adults, peers, co-students
4. participation to outings and athletic gatherings with co-students’ group/ peers
5. deviance and/ or possible deviance according to the officer’s judgment
6. use of verbal resistance/ violence/ disobedience/ reactivity towards the offending officer
7. former living displayed deviance regardless of the current behavior
8. accessibility/ presence in areas when the offending officer evaluates that characterize/ give the stigma of the social deviant/ criminal

and of course, the murder would be considered or will be considered justified or expected if the perpetrator declares he felt fear, he was tired, that he was in a bad psychological condition or that he needed to vent.

The reason that the above irrational and illegal and immoral reasoning which is being cultivated by the mass media is important in that it primarily fully exempts all the accessories before the fact and will most likely attempt to exempt the perpetrator to, i.e. the killer.

If he is exempt with any of the above excuses or he is given mitigation so that he will not receive the capital punishment (life imprisonment) to him as well as to all the accessories before the fact and accomplices to the cover up, a legal precedent is created that murder is acceptable when committed by authorities claiming the above lawless and against Human Rights claims.

That means that parents must begin fearing for their lives, and their children’s lives daily, exactly as in the period of the occupation of Greece by the Nazis the only thing required for an on-the-spot execution was the evaluation/ judgment of the soldier and/ or the pointing of the hooded informer with the mast, in a location that any one of the Greek Citizens could by chance find him/herself at the wrong moment.

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