Monday, December 15, 2008

Communication Policy and the Interpretation of Political Crime

From the shocking atrocity of the cold blooded murder of underage Alexandros, even more shocking is the atrocity of the entire communicational policy and trivia being expressed, projected and becomes an attempt to be enforced by all the mass media without exception. That on which so many who are coveting and seeking to exploit the blood of a Person and his family are feverishly working on, is to twist the very right and healthy point of view of the Greek People and attempt to impose on them the idea that this child was rightfully killed by the hand of the special guard of the police.

Correctly, the Greek People as a whole, regardless of political affiliation, age and socio-economic level denounced and was enraged by this heinous crime based on the following sound, healthy logic:

The police and all its departments are there to serve and protect the Citizens as the Constitution and the Laws dictate. It is not there to pass judgment, give verdicts or carry out executions. In this framework, the first which is forbidden wholly and in any case is to murder or in anyway cause the death of any Citizen in any occasion. The obligation of the Police is to isolate, limit and get control of any Citizen behavior breaks the Law and/or beraches the limits of the Freedom of others. Also, the exercise of violence is always the last resort, it is always used in the least possible expression and its goal is to at the most stun the Citizen who at that particular moment is crossing the line.

Therefore, murder by a police officer is one of the capital crimes against Life and Humans and always involves malice since the police officer always possesses a higher social power than the victim, he/she is always more protected and more armed than the Citizens and he/she handles executive power. The breaching of the Law, therefore, by the police officer himself shows a direct will and premeditation to break the law as well as conscious choice to abuse and exploit his/her power that the State and the People have entrusted in him/her.

At this point we will need to mention that the above analysis is pertinent to the behavior required by police officers towards Citizens and not towards wanted or verified malevolent elements who are proven to bear arms and murder and rob the Citizens dry, from whom the police officer ought to protect them. In these cases, the police officer is obliged to behave as the Citizens’ bodyguard, since the Citizens pay his/her salary for this exact service. But even in this case, the police officer ought to use the least possible violence and if he/she is forced to return the fire of the criminal gun carrying person, so that he/she will exhaust the limits of immobilization without the taking of life.

That is the general trajectory along which the entire Greek people pays through taxation to equip and staff the Police with special psychologists, special trainers and professors and programs to be able to act in the above described manner.

We come, therefore, to the level of the accessories before the fact. The police officer/ special guard who went ahead and pulling his weapon and the trigger as well as his partner who did not obstruct him and afterwards did not arrest him, were both allowed to wear uniforms and carry guns by a series of ranking officials who approved of the persons and their training as sufficient to be able to diffuse or handle intense situations with Citizens.

The ones who pushed for and facilitated the execution of young Alexis, in whose position there could be and can be any Citizen, are the ones who hired these people and then armed them: those who legalized and considered sufficient and safe the training of four months for special guards, those who never oversaw nor saw to those people so that they would be legal and keep upkeeping the Law continually, and did not find it alarming when the nickname ‘Rambo’ was circulating for a man who is armed and is represented the Law and Order (we name ‘Rambo’ someone who is trigger happy, ruthless and tending to overuse extreme and mechanistic violence and guns. Notable, ‘Rambo’ is not a hero of the city but of the special commando forces – killers of Vietnam). Therefore, those who should also be prosecuted and condemned for the accessory before the fact of Alexandros-Andreas Gregoropoulos and all the other victims of the police are all those who signed, vetted and maintained the existence of such persons and such summary procedures of criminal negligence within the Force which ought to protect the Citizens and not kill them: That means that all the range of the ranks from the President of the Democracy who signed the State gazette for the special guards, the Prime Minister as the supervisor of all the ministers, the minister of the Public Order, and all the chiefs of police, commisars, directors, staff supervisors/ human resources managers, trainers and colleagues who did not draw the attention to the unsuitability of the particular criminal.

Of course, taking stock of those who should be charged and persecuted for this heinous crime, as well as the accessibility all these have to the mass media as well as their usual continuous use of the mass media to avoid responsibility and to disorient, it is easy to infer the motivation (i.e. the answer to the question ‘but why are they doing this?’) of the propaganda and distorting action of the mass media these days.

In particular, the general lines/ issues projected through discussions and commentaries are the following:

The police officer has mitigating factors for the murder of a minor/ unarmed Citizen if:

1. he fears for his life
2. the victim hasn’t got a good academic record at school
3. the victim has no good social life with peers and friends
4. the victim is lively/ makes noise/ causes trouble
5. the victim comes from an affluent family
6. the victim is in areas where affluent families don’t usually go
7. the victim is in an area where it is justified to enforce Order through weapons
8. the victim has a history of being in the audience of athletic events and other great gatherings
9. the victim has a deviant behavior and has been a hooded one
10. the victim has changed schools and /or has been expelled

This, of course, means the following:

If anything of the above 10 points projected by the mass media with any excuse and are a point of argumentation and discussion are reasons for mitigation or justification/ acquittal from the charges of murder in the first degree, then that means through simple logic that:

The murder of a Citizen by a police officer is justified and possible, at the police officer’s leisure to decide if the victim has the following characteristics according to the judgment and perception of the police officer committing the murder:

1. low academic competence/ dyslexia/ learning difficulties
2. frequent or singular switch of schools for any reason
3. loneliness/ non-harmonious interaction/ interaction with adults, peers, co-students
4. participation to outings and athletic gatherings with co-students’ group/ peers
5. deviance and/ or possible deviance according to the officer’s judgment
6. use of verbal resistance/ violence/ disobedience/ reactivity towards the offending officer
7. former living displayed deviance regardless of the current behavior
8. accessibility/ presence in areas when the offending officer evaluates that characterize/ give the stigma of the social deviant/ criminal

and of course, the murder would be considered or will be considered justified or expected if the perpetrator declares he felt fear, he was tired, that he was in a bad psychological condition or that he needed to vent.

The reason that the above irrational and illegal and immoral reasoning which is being cultivated by the mass media is important in that it primarily fully exempts all the accessories before the fact and will most likely attempt to exempt the perpetrator to, i.e. the killer.

If he is exempt with any of the above excuses or he is given mitigation so that he will not receive the capital punishment (life imprisonment) to him as well as to all the accessories before the fact and accomplices to the cover up, a legal precedent is created that murder is acceptable when committed by authorities claiming the above lawless and against Human Rights claims.

That means that parents must begin fearing for their lives, and their children’s lives daily, exactly as in the period of the occupation of Greece by the Nazis the only thing required for an on-the-spot execution was the evaluation/ judgment of the soldier and/ or the pointing of the hooded informer with the mast, in a location that any one of the Greek Citizens could by chance find him/herself at the wrong moment.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

State and Polity (part 2)

The decomposition of States and the anarchy attacking them are created by the fact that the basic defense mechanism every State ought to have (and claims it has) is not employed but rather is nonexistent or atrophied: the People’s check.

The People’s check is defined as the full participation and interaction of each individual Citizen in the functioning of the State and the application of the basic rules and values so that maintenance and continuous renewal of ‘the State contract’ which determines the cooperation and organization of all the citizens with common purpose the maximization of the quality of living and development/ evolution of it is achieved.

Theoretically this is happening today, in the anarchic and decomposing state, but in essence it is not happening because a factor counteracting fully the power of the People’s check has been introduced: representation.

Representation is a weapon of the anarchic subgroups exploiting the states around the world and which cancels out two basic functions of the Citizen and thus turning him/her into a malleable unit. The factors being arrested/ cancelled out are the alertness of the Citizen and his/her determination. That is, with the representative, the Citizen relies on that and stops occupying him/herself with what he/she has entrusted in the representative and thus learns not to react and not to act in regulation in the cases when the authorities and the rules of the State the Citizen has created are breached. When, in the end, there comes the time where the Citizen will need to intervene, the time or reaction and effectiveness of the reaction are significantly diminished regarding efficiency. Also, the concept of the representative as it is presented implies that the Citizen doesn’t have the capacity to be as effective as the representative and therefore it is up to the representative to enforce the Citizen power. When, therefore, the Citizen needs to check the representative he/she feels he/she can’t, he/she hesitates, he/she is afraid and is generally undecided, thus allowing the representative (who is not representing the Citizen but the anarchic subgroups) to infringe even more on the Citizen rights.

If there is no representation but on the contrary the Citizen is called to contribute and check for him/herself that the authorities are applying and defending the law and the Constitution, we achieve the maintenance of the People as powerful, dynamic and effective arbitrator and defender of the State which the People have created. The People’s control without representation is an unbeatable force which is non-bribable and only very briefly and very difficultly swayable for the sole reason that the People are numerous and based on the general election percentages, 70% unconvinced by political manipulations. We see that because primarily the percentages electing governments in the state as it is now don’t surpass 30-35% (and only with the great influx of voters from sources not purely of the People such as immigrants and nationals of the diaspora) after highly complex and fabricated election laws and electoral constituencies where a single vote is virtually multiplied by a thousand via all these procedures.

It has been clearly stated by politicians and political analysts that if the simple vote count system was used- a majority wins system-, which would be the true representation of People’s will, there would be no chance of the government getting established in any way except a composite one (from all parties) which means that the People’s will would be the one determining situations and not the hostage situation of the People by a few groups/ families which consist the political aristocracy (including the hereditary right) surrounding the king-prime minister.

Therefore, based on the rules of democracy the People has already rejected and continues to reject systematically all those boasting that they have received the People’s order and who in essence are a dreadfully small minority compared the massive majority of all the active Citizens regardless of religion and political alignment.

We see therefore that the People’s check is very healthy and has the full capacity through true democracy to oversee and apply the rules the People themselves have put in place through struggles which, with mathematic accuracy, have always been sabotaged or been embezzled by these anarchic groups specializing in the corruption and twisting of every system of rules and values that by nature revokes the capacity for these groups to be unfettered, anarchic and with impunity.

What does this mean for the State and how can we as People bring about not change, as we don’t need to change the value and rule system our forefathers have founded, but the application of the Constitutional values as they are described in the first part of the Constitution and is the same as the Human Rights Bill?

This means that we will have to stop leaning against representatives of any kind and we should stop considering them a safety buoy but rather we should understand that we already know how to swim- and very well: we shoved off the true difficulties and hardship without any representatives. We should use representatives as they were meant to be used; as technical advisors who will help us swim faster and with less effort. We must realize that we have the capacity, skill and intelligence/ critical thought to understand whether a representative does not serve us, but rather undermines us and destroys us, and therefore when we are better off without him/her, relying on the experience in swimming we have acquired from our ancestors who passed it on to us.

The People have already realized the above and that is why the banks are emptied from the People’s cash that the bankers didn’t manage to get, the market doesn’t move except in ways benefiting the People rather than the intermediary and the climate of discontent and anger towards the sum of the politicians and the great capital holders is so heavy that K. Karamanlis was forced to enter and exit the Vellidio building (where he would deliver his speech) while running and surrounded by an army of bodyguards when there were People gathered and engaged in political behaviors.

The next step the People must take so that this correct and very intelligent, healthy position is translated in action for the whole of the People is to decide that each one of them is infinitely more capable (regardless of socioeconomic condition) than all those politicians the People have rejected and who are improperly in Parliament, in the government and in Society. Therefore each of the People can and ought to activate the last clause of the Constitution and demand that all those anarchists withdraw for ever after they have reimbursed the People in every way for the disobedience to the People order that has been given systematically since the beginnings of the 20th century regarding the assorted important issues of Greek Society, and which orders have been systematically ignored.

This involves denial to take into account or heed any order/ law/ legislation/ taxation/ tax/ general demand imposed on the people unconstitutionally and abusively, denial to fund this anarchic state (i.e. stop paying taxes, fines, tolls, state fees). In this manner the huge, blocked political power of the People’s check will be released immediately since in essence we will deny to consent, support and submit not to the democratic system which is our own creation, but to this random micromandarinistic anarchic group of ‘politicians’ which disobeys Democracy and the People’s Order for them to leave, and underhandedly enforces kingship and aristocrats to the People’s face.

This display of the People’s power will be huge: the only thing that we need to consider is how the unabashed oppression/ racism against the Blacks of the USA crumbled, when the only thing they stopped doing was to pay the bus fare ticket, worth a few pennies, fact which was the trigger and the lever of their liberating struggle for Human Rights, which they won. The only thing that was needed was perseverance and determination for a year (December 1955 – November 1956).

Of course such an act, so revolutionary and abiding by the Constitution (since it is the manner with which the People will enforce Democracy, forcing these usurping anarchists to stand down with the terms and the manner the People will demand) will bring about great reaction from the politicians, big business people, bankers, ship owners/ industrialists/ grand commerce dealers and their lackeys who are fed from them (i.e. phenotypically ‘people of the People’, such as reporters, journalists, satiric showmen, special commentators, etc, who however belong to a party and fight tooth and nails to direct common opinion according to the orders of their bosses that we just mentioned), mainly of a propaganda- oriented nature. They will try to threaten and terrorize the People that they will not have work, pensions, salaries, wages, payment, electricity, water, phone services if the People don’t continue to pay the assorted head taxes and other taxes of the illegal and unfair kind. They will terrorize with threats of every kind of violence from robberies to international forces to force the People to waive their power and continue to pay. It is characteristic that the moment the People began not entrusting their money to the banks (the media indirectly admit that the banks have emptied from the deposits of the People granting them cash flow), several incidents of theft and robberies were reported from the news, telling indirectly but certainly to the People that if they don’t want to have their money stolen and their lives threatened, they should return their money to the bank.

That which we must keep in mind is that these threats are up to 90% empty and the 10% of threats which needs our attention is fully handleable with social solidarity and decision to have each Citizen move without depending on the means given by the state system, while this state system is in the control of anarchic subgroups described in part 1, and which are at this moment ‘governing’ us. Also we must keep in mind that while the chances are that each Citizen will earn many thousands of euro doing this resistance (since the Citizen won’t pay taxes and tax pays and fines enforced but will instead keep the money for personal use) the current ‘power holders’ we described will be losing thousands or even millions of euro by the hour, thus losing also power and lackeys.

Therefore, it will be a matter for time to oust those who have in essence abolished Democracy and are jeering the Constitution and the laws we as the People have voted in referendums and enforced with actual mobilizations so that we will be able to reinstate the State from anarchic to ordered, relieving the Constitution and legislation from clauses that are traitorous, remnants of the Junta by Papadopoulos, Metaxas and older ones which have no relation whatsoever to the Democratic Constitution the People consented to have so that they will be able to have control of their political, social and natural life according to Human Rights.

In the next editorial we will explain step by step the functioning of the correct Democratic State and how the occupation of the People with it can yield for the People the monthly revenue of more than 3,000 euro based on the Gross National Product of the country and simple addition and subtraction skills.

State and Polity (part 1)

The organization and composition of a state is not much different than the organization and composition of a business or a family. Before we begin our analysis, where we will examine whether in reality we have a state and not anarchy, as well as what constitutes the existence of a truly person-centered state, we will have to define and make clear the basic terms which we will be using.

State is what we call a system of values and rules which are commonly accepted by a greatly numbered group of people and which has as ultimate goal the improvement and development of the quality of life of these people. Its continuous concern is the defense of ‘all’s well’ for all the subgroups which have consented to its constitution. A state can never be anarchic because its survival and efficiency depends on the administrative authorities established and accepted for the serving and maintenance of the values and rules.

State functioning is what we call the systematic application of rules and values as well as the reform or further enactment of new rules when it is necessary due to the development of civilization and/or technology, with singular purpose the defense of the founding values of the state and the continuous improvement of any problems without harming any unit from the people who have consented to participate in that state, i.e. the Citizens.

State rules are called the laws which serve and apply the basic axioms and dogma which the Citizens have commonly accepted during the creation of the state at least and which are contained in the base of these rules, called the Constitution (or any other analogous system/ recording of basic values/ axioms according to the Regime).

Anarchy is the abolition and/or non-application of the values and rules which the entirety of the Citizens had accepted: in anarchy the administrative authorities don’t upkeep the laws and the Constitution, apply unilateral or abusive or unconstitutional regulations and defend the anarchic, unfettered activity and power of one subgroup (or more) of the state’s Citizens. Additionally the protection and defense of the state from outward factors and foreign groups of people are abolished.

With the above definitions we conclude that the more the uncontrolled activity of one subgroup is allowed, the more the basic demand/ target of each state is trespassed and the more it begets anarchy. Therefore a state which has a dictatorship where a small group of dictators arbitrarily decides and orders without check is a state in anarchy. A state which has clear kingship where the king has super-authority and no actual controlling/ checking service is a state with a propensity to anarchy since a king can very easily do what he likes regardless of whether that is against his oath/ sacrament which he has taken/ has been given.

In the case of Greece (but also many other state who aren’t de facto totalitarian) we can see that the basic ingredients of a state exist but what reigns and has been reigning for at least 80 years is anarchy. We can support that easily by historically looking into the breach of laws and the Constitution by all kinds of elected authorities, governments, legislative authorities, judicial authorities as well as kings and military/ police officers who defended the impunity and unfettered ‘above the law’ activity of social groups such as business people, family dynasties since the era of the Turkish Occupation/ Franc Occupation, party members, ship owners and industrialists, bankers as well as the highly traitorous and subversive foreign policy. Unconstitutional laws are enacted and upkept while constitutional laws and constitutional principles are abolished and affronted.

Historically we have presented examples proving the above in our articles regarding the families of politicians such as Papandreou and Karamanlis families, and we will present more pertinent to ship owner families and great dynasties making incursions in Greece since before 1830. For some examples of undermining of Greece in foreign policy, we will mention now (and analyze in the future) the non-observance of the treaties of the end of the First World War, the campaign to Asia Minor in 1921-1922, the ignoring of the activity of the Yugoslav dictator Tito, the unacceptable handling of the Greek-Turkish disputes (the issue of the exchange of populations in Constantinople/ Istanbul and Thrace, the occupation and bloodshed in Cyprus, the incident at Imia isles, the issue of the Aegean shelf, and others) and the lack of defense of the Greek interests from the undermining and underhanded attack of Bulgarian and Albanian and other interests abetted by the USA and the UK.

Internally we can prove the chronic anarchy of the Greek state by seeing the prevailing situation all around as, every day:

1. laws and legislation that freely and bounteously are composed and enacted are unconstitutional, from the financial/ tax-gathering policy which is unequal between different social classes, with the privileged being tax-exempt and the rest being over-taxed (a breach of article 4 of the constitution), to the full impunity of public servants who have provenly abrogated their duty as well as broken the basic laws/ values of the criminal code (e.g. people such as Nikolaos Garganas and George Provopoulos, Panagis Vourloumis, P. Athanasopoulos, Theodore Katsanevas, Fivos Ioannidis, George Chiotis, Gregorios Solomos, Nektarios Miltiades, I. Vartholomaios, George Mergos, Constantine Kontos, and others).

2. business people, members of family dynasties, industrialists and ship owners are not persecuted by the law and when and if they are finally persecuted, whatever the sentence is, is not applied (e.g. Lanaras family, Bardinogiannis, Latsis, Niarhos, Kyriakou, Kokkalis, Bgenopoulos families and others) resulting in having people who have committed crimes of the criminal code and have been sentences or proven to have committed them being free and the recipients of public money, positions and power for which a clean criminal record is supposedly required. This protection, through legislations regarding data of a personal nature, extends to people committing slander/libel which, however, is to the interest of these subgroups while the same legislations on data of a personal nature are disregarded in all other cases.

3. policing is non-existent, leaving the Citizens unprotected against killers, robbers, burglars, rapists, blackmailers with the usual excuse of lack of staff which, however, is used to protect and insulate from the People the social subgroups we have previously mentioned. In essence, that is, the police is used as a guard protecting these subgroups from the People who is left unprotected and is forced to take precautions that wouldn’t have been necessary if there was a correct allocation of police staff (e.g. the resorting to banks to keep money, even small amounts, fact which gives more power to the bankers and weakens the Citizens who stop being independent at any moment, since they need permission to use their funds; funds which can be withheld by the bank at any moment).

4. the protection of the Citizens and public decency which is necessary for the psychological protection from traumatizing young people, though legislated and highly strict, is never applied by the state nor the church. And so we have an overabundance of pornographic documents, shows and films without protection of the part of the population not wanting to be exposed to them but being forced (though ads, magazine covers and the like), we have incidents of prostitution and organizations/ overt businesses of exploitation of prostitutes which is illegal, as well as exposure to uncontrolled violence in all levels at a rate far beyond the psychologically healthy one.

5. the Citizen, though according to the Constitution agrees to be and is independent and capable to personally execute many of the acitivities regarding the state, justice and politics, is raised and terrorized to believe that it is necessary/ obligatory to use any kind of representative/ mediator in order to have any hopes of being heard of effective. This includes representatives such as lawyers, accountants, dealers, commerce dealers, bank advisors, parliament members/ syndicalists/ politicians of all shapes and sizes. All these intermediaries create factions which terrorize and degrade the Citizen to even a blatant level, demanding full submission, lack of will and dependence on them even if they objectively are acting slyly, falsely or nonsensical. Indicative of this situation is that all these intermediaries do not carry responsibility for the policy/ way of life they impose on the Citizen (i.e. the law does not persecute them for false evaluations and/or sly or undermining actions on their part) while the Citizen carries full responsibility for the actions of these people from the prime minister to his/her personal accountant and lawyer.

We see, therefore that while the Constitution of the State of Greece presumes and demands the equality of all the Citizens and the equal handling of these Citizens before the law and society, the defense of the economic wellbeing of every Citizen (something which holds for every State on earth which has signed the Bill of Human Rights), in reality what is happening is that the life, fortune and well being of the Citizen has no value and is up for exploitation and abuse by third parties while specific subgroups/ group in and out of Greece are considered valuable and irreplaceable and owners of the rest of the Citizens.

This shows that the State of Greece (but also every State which has signed the Bill of Human Rights and has the above situation politically and socially) is anarchic and therefore unable to evolve. Something which is anarchic and unable to evolve is in a state of decomposition and therefore is on a digressing course until full annihilation, at least in the form the Citizens had agreed for it to have. In our era this decomposition leads to the abolition of States and therefore Citizen protection, with their classification in a huge group which will be exploited even more anarchically the same subgroups doing so now.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Examples of Social Infection

B. The case of infection of Greek Society through the Karamanlis family:

Another parasite which contributed and advanced the infection of Greek Society since 1935 and onwards is Constantine G. Karamanlis who, being the son of a school teacher in a village in Norther Greece, rose to be a great factor in the political scene, once more following the tactics of pathogenic parasites causing Social Disease.

In particular: he inserted himself underhandedly and took over the position of prime minister without elections through an unlawful royal order and no through People’s order as he was obliged to, according to the constitution, and ever since enforced his totalitarian power rigging and twisting the order and choice of the People, changing arbitrarily the election law (see “tripartite electing system”, 1956 elections) where he multiplied the weight of the election result in the areas/ provinces where it was certain that the political party ERE which he founded would be elected while enforcing a simple count of the votes in the provinces where it was certain that another party would be elected, and therefore made them have much less weight in the total election result. In this way, hiding behind democratic processes such as the elections, he twisted the People’s order, which was that they didn’t want him to lead (his party had come in second in simple total vote count), and claimed audaciously that the People was who elected him, when the People clearly did not.

In the second stage of the infection by his own parasitic activity, without pretence or the hypocrisy of the first stage he imposed himself with a coup (as he wouldn’t have been able to do so in any case in a democratic election) with the elections of “violence and rigging” of 1958 and 1961 during which Greek Citizens openly said that “even the trees and dead people cast a vote” and on top of that this parasite escorted Greek Citizens to the ballot-box with armed forces.

In cooperation with his rival parasite we analyzed yesterday George Papandreou Senior, C. Karamanlis paved the way for the occupation and drenching in blood of Cyprus by Turkey (which followed in 1974) with the agreement of Zurich-London in 1959.

During the entire duration of his parasitic action, exactly like the parasites of his kind responsible for Social Disease, sowed fear and terror among the Greek Citizens, breaking them apart, claiming that the catastrophic impact for which he was responsible was the effect of other, healthy social groups seeking the reign of Peace, Freedom and Equality in all the aspects of daily living. With the support of the Palace he unleashed military groups, police teams and gendarmerie units with a blank check to exile, capture, torture, rape, humiliate, execute/murder any Greek Citizen they wanted and who opposed in any way the authority of this parasite and the ones he was serving.

Under the protection of C. Karamanlis and the token political opposition of Papandreou, Gregory Lambrakis was openly and audaciously assassinated with the setting of a public execution. Lambrakis was a pacifist with great popularity and a lot of People’s confidence. It was most possible that he would be the one to win the coming elections with a great majority of votes by the actual People, leaving the political parties of the two parasites at the margins of parliament. It is worthy to note that one of the programme points in Lambrakis’ plan was to disarm and stop the military state violence, which was the only force on which Karamanlis and Papandreou could rely on to prevail.

After Lambrakis’ assassination, the one who was the true People’s choice, we move on to the third stage of the infection where the parasites attempt to exploit the exhaustion, wearing down and mourning of the People while in the same time embezzling the ideas and visions of their victims.

To avoid the political cost and the rage of the People for the assassination he supported and which was proven to have been organised and covered up (and still is being covered up) by government agents, Karamanlis pretended to have a clash with queen Frederica (with the grace of whom he imposed himself on the political scene and whom he had been supporting up to then) and self-exiled himself without anyone forcing him to for four months abroad (i.e. a long enough time span for good vacations), leaving the military state force upon which he relied on to deal with and subdue the Greek Citizens who were in an uproar and enraged because of the heinous assassination of Lambrakis. Therefore he tried to pretend to be the victim (i.e. the hunted resistance member chased by the Palace), which is the typical policy of manipulation and twisting that parasites causing Social Disease use. This manipulation technique is especially used for Greek current events because Greeks have always, almost reflexively, supported and sided with whoever is opposing royals and totalitarian regimes.

He attempted to cash in this manipulation tactic 4 months after his ‘self-exile’ in November 1963 in the elections of that year but he underestimated, as happens to all of this kind, the awareness of the Greek People and the capacity they have to tell who is a traitor and not forget that easily (except when new generations are not taught their History) and consequently he lost the elections by far.

Right afterwards he returned by his own volition abroad and he tagged this again ‘self-exile’ (i.e. he spent 11 years in Paris, in mansions and palaces in the company of French heads of State and the international jet set) to return again without notice after the fall of the Junta, which invited him to succeed it as “the best possible solution” for the continuation of the Junta’s task against a People who wouldn’t put up with it.

In order to remain in power, after he protected the Junta members from the People’s rage, who wanted and enforced the capital punishment which Karamanlis cancelled immediately of his own volition without even an appeal by the Junta members for pardon or lenience, Karamanlis continued censorship and the use of police to intimidate, demonstrating once more his fascist policy. In order to remain in power during 1977 when elections ran again he blackmailed the Greek People, three years after the Junta, telling them openly (since we are in the 3rd stage of infection where the parasite does not attempt to pretend any longer but to demand subjugation through violence and intimidation) that in Greece there would be “either me or the tanks”. That is, he told the Greeks that either they would have the illusion of democracy with a small dictator in the position of the prime minister or they would have martial law and dictatorship without pretence. Because in the 3rd stage there is a great exhaustion and wearing down of the People and because the elections always give hope of overthrowing a condition, the Greek Citizens chose that the tanks would not once more uncontrollably roam Athens. Unfortunately, that which was not visible to the Greek Citizens (and how could it have been with the infection so widespread, the parasitic agent having crept in to all social classes) was that the political opposition and all the other alternative choices in an election after 1974 were just as parasitic and dictatorial and cooperating with C. Karamanlis’ government.

When despite his fascist and terrorist tactics it was rendered obvious that the People would overthrow him and marginalize him for ever, he altered the constitution so that he would be able to elect himself President of the Democracy with extended powers not by the People but by the Parliament which was controlled by him and those he was serving. In this manner, just like he started his political career he completed it by bypassing and opposing the People’s will, keeping in a fascist manner powers and authorities at his hands that nobody had given him.

Regarding his management of the Greek economy and state development, once more he applied parasitic policies and propaganda and twisted the fact that he widened the gap between the social classes (as he tore apart many productive parts of the People through the extensive hunting down and exile of the People in the same time with the great economic migration of Citizens to other countries to escape the relentless unemployment, hunger and poverty): sources mention the very forceful rise of the economy claiming an increase of the State Gross Income per capita and the decrease of unemployment. But they do not mention that the State Gross Income is not equally divided per capita in actuality and in truth it is gathered in the hands of the few while the many were below poverty level. Also, the thousands exiled for their political beliefs and therefore had no income for themselves or their families are not listed as unemployed nor are the thousands who migrated to escape unemployment taken into account and therefore were not calculated by the publicised research.

Also, this parasite contributed to the over-charging Greece by entering the country arbitrarily in the EU, making her answerable to the prescriptions and demands of globalisation, that is subjugating Greece to the great international capital and forcing Greece to lose her economic independence and development and making her covertly become an economic province instead of an independent State with independent economy. For this reason, C. Karamanlis was awarded the Charlemagne award in 1978 and established his line as worthy servants of the global great capital.

One of the namesake nephews of this man, who was raised especially to take up the action his uncle had been doing, is currently enjoying parasitically the position of prime minister of Greece since he was imposed on the People through economic blackmail and after the 6 blows to the Greek Society’s backbone had successfully shattered it and the People was desperate, tired and unfairly angry with Socialism, which Andreas Papandreou had embezzled and the dictatorially imposed parasite K. Simitis had blatantly abused after the long months of A. Papandreous’ illness.

C. A. Karamanlis, exactly as his uncle had, promised and is promising economic improvement from the dwindling state in which the previous parasites had brought it and instead of that, exactly as his uncle, he redistributed wealth giving as much as he could to the few families he is serving (with the continuous, almost catatonic construction of works, funding, financial supports and spectacles through which the great capital holders can sap financially the State and the Greek Citizens), relinquishing to the hands of these same families keys of the State control (such as privatizations/ stock-exchange entries of state enterprises such as the electricity company, telecommunications, water, transports, insurance, public wealth/ lands and other blatant anticonstitutional and highly traitorous behaviours to the oaths and the Greek Citizens.)

For the serving of other interests he burned down the agricultural/ forested areas of Greece (by sabotaging the attempts to extinguish the fires and conscientiously ignoring the processes of repairing/ reconstructing the damages so that the economic/ primary productive force of the State be preserved).

Also, he supports the first stage of infection by other parasites from the financial/ ship-owner/ industrial/ commercial sector which are presented as benefactors in the destroyed areas, using State money to make it look like they are performing the repairs and aid that normally the State should be conducting. Just as his uncle and his government after the assassination of Lambrakis, in the same way C.A. Karamanlis and his government disappeared from the scene, being unavailable after the great fires, so that they would avoid the People’s rage.

Just like his uncle, he rigged the elections by including in the voters’ lists for the first time persons who have no contact and do not know or have not experienced Greek daily life under his government, so that he could camouflage the percentage of abstinence from the elections and the unfavourable for him election result (such persons are the 2,000,000 immigrants granted Greek citizenship and Greeks or of Greek heritage people who vote via mail from abroad and cannot know Greek reality nor can they actually and effectively check the result of the vote count.)

Just like his uncle he is paving the way for the embezzlement of the demanding will of the People to call for a reinstatement of the regime of Constitutional Democracy through the communication propaganda promotion he is conducting for assorted great capital owners and their so-called philanthropist wives so that they will seem to be People’s benefactors against the State while in reality they support and are supported by this State of violence and rigging that feeds them.

This man will appear today at the International Thessaloniki Expo and while the people and the Citizens he has sworn to serve will be protesting and demanding the return of the stolen goods the governments of C.A. Karamanlis stole back to the People on a National, Social and personal level, he will blatantly, since the infection he has caused as a parasite is at the 3rd level, stand up straight before his employers within the Expo (i.e. the great capital owners and stock holders) to report and promise them additional projects (i.e. excuses to embezzle state money), further sapping of the people who are protesting right outside and prove officially his activity’s impact with the founding of the Social Aid/ Poverty Cashtill for the ones from whom he took away the capacity to be middle class, which they had been before his execution of the “modest and humble” plan.

In the next article we will complete our perusal of examples of representative parasites in Greece so we will be able to look at the ones in the international melee.

Friday, September 5, 2008


In nature there are all kinds of organisms which teach us the possible relationships/ interactions that can exist between living beings granted some kind of communication capacity. All organisms which do not fall under the category of ‘pestilence’ (i.e. highly harmful, catastrophic organisms behaving like kamikaze and/or cannibalistically) invariantly either produce work or do not obstruct the production of work by others.

Therefore, there exists parasitic life which is not catastrophic or harmful for the parasite’s environment, because the parasite has limits that are on no occasion broken and knows that its survival depends on the well being and good condition of the organism on which it sticks. The most successful parasites in nature manage never to be detected by or harmful to the organism because they feed solely on the surplus of each organism.

Just like in nature, in social life, which follows the same rules, society can likewise be functional and in general standing healthy if the parasitic element limits itself to feeding off the surplus of the production of those who produce. When we speak of surplus we mean anything that is not used nor demanded (due to need) by the ones who produce. That is, the parasite a society can handle is the one that takes what is given, if it is given, and demands nothing more. In any other case, exactly as in nature, the parasitic factor is a disease and if it is not eradicated to the very last trace, the organism assaulted with it will die or subsist, fact which will render it prey to other organisms.

Based on the principles we set for a healthy society in the previous part and which are phased out by the six blows, we can now present with substantiation the disease which inflicts itself on societies, the symptoms pertinent and the parasite creating the disease. Knowing these, we are fully armed to begin fighting the disease and the parasite so that we will heal the illing, infected society:

In particular, let’s make the properties sheet of Social Disease:


A basic characteristic of the Disease is the cataplectic, escalating cease in functioning of the customs and institutions, of the constitution, of Human Rights and common logic (capacity of application of the principles of Action-Reaction) which manifest usually in the 1st stage of the disease with ideological pangs and emotional blackmail towards the Citizens of the Society to have them waive their above stated vested Rights, with basic argument the great promotion of other infected, ailing societies as the icon of health. In the 2nd stage these pangs (propaganda) become action with the active removal of the Customs and Rights of the Society due to wearing down/ degeneration of the Citizens’ awareness via orchestrated and systematic complete propaganda. In the 3rd and final stage of the Disease, continuous, consecutive blows of enforced and not natural impoverishment of great groups/ classes of Citizens as well as State paralysis in all sectors occurs. From the moment the official abolition of the Constitution and Human Rights takes place, Society goes dead and occupation/ totalitarianism/ subjugation sets in.


This parasitic infestation takes place from the moment it is allowed for the pathogenic Social parasite of the nation-less economic and power-mongering embezzler to take action.

Parameters of this parasite rendering it highly dangerous are its capacity to conceal itself behind positive actions and facts that have been produced by healthy units of the healthy main Social organism so that the parasite will be associated with them and therefore will be able to fool the organism that it is constructive, produces work and is an important member until it has managed to spread the infection. From the moment the infection has degenerated and taken over a good part of the healthy State organism, the parasite projects itself as it being the main organism and presenting itself as the healthy one, making propaganda that the results of its parasitic life and activity is a product of the actual organism (which at this stage has already begun to ail because of the infection). The more, at this stage, the parasite meets with opposition or efforts by the main State organism members to throw it off, the more the parasite brazens it out and accuses the ones who are the immune system of the State organism that they are the parasites, thus causing auto-immune responses in Society (i.e. the State organism fights itself instead of fighting the parasite infecting it). In the final state the parasite imposes its own parasitic character without pretense, claiming irrational excuses for the justification of the ‘right’ it has to sap the State organism to the death.


This parasite is extremely vulnerable to clarity. By clarity we define the systematic daily publication of accounts/ moves/ signatures by state name/ investments and expenditures by name of who authorized them with immediately administrative/ disciplinary/ criminal and civil consequences before a People who is aware and without tolerance to errors. In the slightest suspicion of the onset of treatment the parasite subsides and attempts to hide and remain dormant until treatment is stopped, whereupon it will try to re-infect the organism. Full treatment includes the immediate corrective action of blows dealt by the parasite before it was detected, with general aim the full alignment to the Constitution, the Human Rights as well as the permanent removal of the parasitic agent (i.e. the parasite giving the orders as well as all the members of the State organism who helped spread the infection instead of stop it).

Half-measures in therapy do not stop the disease and infection continues regardless and progressively.


1. the case of the infection of Greek Society through the Papandreou family:

The beginning of infection began with the preparation of the field by George Papandreou senior who forced and blackmailed the healthy elements of the social organism to subdue and waive basic rights, while hiding behind achievements of the healthy elements (the Greek Citizens and the defense they did for the preservation of Democracy and Freedom after the Second World War) promoting himself as liberator of an already liberated by herself country in which he installed himself along with the king after everything was said and done: that is, after Greek Citizens had thrown off the occupiers on all levels and have their own liberal and highly socially advanced government and administrative organization, G. Papandreou in 1944 – in view of the liberation that was evident was about to come thanks to the efforts of the Greek Citizens against the Nazis together with other allied forces – decided to side with the exiled royal government in Egypt and organized the conference of Lebanon (May 1944), where the composition of the Ethnic Unity government was decided with contributions from all political parties under his chair as prime minister. To eliminate the healthy elements this parasite drenched Greece in blood turning (in a classic expression of the symptomatology we described) Greek Citizens against each other, by having sniper policemen shoot into a panhellenic demonstration of protest against his arbitrary and totalitarian government decisions, for his actions’ demeaning character to the Citizens’ existence and his effort to weaken them (3 and 4 December 1944).

Later in his career he went ahead to make highly totalitarian moves and actions of enforcement, pretending to be Democratic while his actions were fascist. (he limited pluralism by keeping KKE, the communist party of Greece, illegal and terrorizing the People by a counterpart to McCarthyism, preventing other movements which had nothing to do with KKE or the Soviet logic from existing even when the People asked for them. He forbade anyone going against his government to work and demanded from educators to be not informers and pedagogues but spies and informants undermining Free People: with the Education Decree 1010/11-03-1965 which was directed to the inspector-teachers of Middle School, he turned their attention to the danger of students adhering to the Lambraki Youth movement. In this Decree, after repeating that “Communism is enemy of the Nation and Democracy,” he rendered teachers responsible for ‘ethnic indoctrination’ of the students, making clear that teachers of more liberal persuasion had no position in the educational system and was asking the inspector-teachers to submit to him a confidential report on them at the end of every month.

With the tactic of embezzling the achievements of the healthy state organism, this parasite supported English and American interests regarding the occupation and dichotomy of Cyprus (see Acheson plan) and caused the coming of the Junta in 1967 with the fabrication of political crisis by his own doing, embezzling the achievements of Gregory Lambrakis who was visualizing Peace, Freedom and Equality for all the Citizens: needlessly coming to a clash with the royal family that had always been supporting him and he, in turn was serving, G. Papandreou embezzled the title of anti-royalist protector of the People and was presented as victim of totalitarianism, dissembling without needing to his powerful (by election) government.

Having embezzled this identity and aura of the resistance member and hunted by royals and the junta (both regimes he helped and supported to found with similar proceedings as the one with which he caused civil strife) he prepared his heir Andreas to return in Greece, where it was again becoming obvious that the Citizens would throw off the totalitarian regime and would ask for a Free State of Equality and Justice again, once more after everything was said and done, and once more as rebel liberator.

From the moment of the reinstatement of Democracy and up to his death in 1996, G. Papandreou’s son Andreas dealt to the fullest the six blows to the Greek social backbone and broke it: a backbone that had time and again tried to throw off the totalitarian elements and had noted at times the parasitic nature of his father. Always hiding his own parasitic nature behind tags of values he had always undermined with the enforcement of terrorism against Free Speech for decades, displaying the classic brazen of these parasites, grossly telling the Greek Citizens, to whom the Nation and Greece belongs, that “whoever doesn’t like it, step off the train (which he had embezzled from the ones who had constructed it)”. With the same grossness in 1981 he promised to fix the economy since he was a ‘brilliant’ economist from an ivy league USA university, and his management brought on poverty (financial, educational and moral) to the Citizens as well as great wealth to a certain few families which, of course, he had been serving.

With his actions, Andreas Papandreous made the people hate socialism because of his hypocrisy and underhanded association of liberal ideas and movements, which Greeks have always sought since the founding of the Free Greek State of modern history, with his fascist government.

The son of this man, already having shown his alignment through positions in his father’s government, is trying with the same parasitic policy to pretend to be the People’s protector and anticipates the moment the People, seeking to throw off the parasite currently ruling, turn to him so he can sap them even more than what they already are, to the death.

Tomorrow, on Saturday, September 6 2008, the parasite which at this moment is embezzling the position of head of State, is going to present a report of hypocrisy and answer to the ones he is truly serving (the big capital owners participating in the International Thessaloniki Expo). We will therefore continue his presentation of parasite examples causing Social Disease with B. the Karamanlis case and C. the Mitsotakis case as well as a summary overview of the remaining parasites tomorrow at 5 pm.

Afterwards we will present certain internationally active parasites so that we will help all those interested in making accurate diagnoses do so everywhere in the globe.

Monday, September 1, 2008

The State’s Broken Backbone

(and who broke it, and who can fix it)

The estimation and statement following will use Greece as an example at this time, but the truth holds for all without exception the States of the so-called ‘western culture’. That which changes is names, dates and instances, but never the general pattern.

The backbone of a country, just as the backbone of the body is what helps the whole stand to its proper height and have full control of what is happening, what must be corrected, what must be developed and what must be protected in all the body, based on the principles set by the brain. Without the spine the brain is cut off from the rest of the body, which is corrupted and paralyzed. Whoever does not have a healthy spine does not have life (either in terms of longevity or quality of living, with the estimation and margins set by nature).

The same holds for a state. In order, though, to be able to understand what truly goes on and what is the backbone which causes the paralysis which we are all witnessing daily around us, we will first need to define what constitutes paralysis in a State and what constitutes the State’s backbone.

Paralysis in a State is the non-functioning of the institutes and customs, i.e. the non-application of the State’s Constitution, of the Human Rights, and of the creation of laws that breach the Constitution and the Human Rights. We can ascertain the non-functioning of the institutes and customs in our daily living when the following fundamental Rights are breached, which the State was founded to protect and ensure for its Citizens:

A. The Right to protection from poverty, destitution and stress of survival/ living needs.

B. The Right to Free Speech and its protection and attention/ observance of this Free Speech.

C. The Right to Freedom and self-determination on the basis of morals and views which are not dictated by political parties, social groups, military groups, economic groups and other sources of coercion.

D. The Right to protection of the individual and individual property regardless of class, sex, race and age.

E. The Right to protection of individual health, be it physical, mental, moral and spiritual as well as access to its cultivation.

If officially and actually we have incidents of poverty, financial destitution, censoring of Free Speech or ignoring of it (as we can see happens with the mass media, where the uncontrolled access to people the mass media are promoting to lecture the People is not allowed, i.e. to have questions heard from and by the People without the interfering of a phone center that chooses or constructs what will be heard and how much), forbidding of action according to conscience of people determining the application of institutes and customs, as well as impunity if they conform to this coercion, non-coverage of all the Citizens against common crime (i.e. thieving, stealing, murders, rapes, etc), illness and corruption, then we are witnessing State paralysis.

The backbone of a State is defined as the sum of adult Citizens who have Citizen Rights (i.e. the right to participate in common affairs, be elected and elect others). This includes all our fellow people as well as us, and therefore when there is State paralysis it means that we, the State’s backbone, has broken and is not functioning.

A backbone does not break easily. Multiple very strong blows at valid points on it are demanded so that it will yield. That means that a backbone never breaks by accident (at least not State backbones): it is always the result of coordinated attacks by groups (not single individuals) who very consciously and very actively seek to paralyze the State as they can only survive and be tolerated in a paralyzed one.

In order to break the backbone of any State, the following blows and their successful dealing are needed:

A. the reign of low self-concept in all the adult people of a State.

B. the reign of low education which is hyper-specialized in one area/ field but is very poor to non-existent in the skills one must be taught to be a competent Citizen and Social Entity. (i.e. students learn a lot of theory, theoretical ideas and axioms but they do NOT learn to control them, question them and apply them in practice and their daily lives so in essence they remain uneducated, but with the added inhibition of the belief they are educated and therefore don’t need further learning. This means that anything they encounter in their daily lives and in society, i.e. political decision, laws and legislations, financial measures and others things which determined their lives profoundly, they consider as beyond them, that they cannot learn about it because it is not their field, deny to check it and delegate it with a blank check to the people who arbitrarily declare they can do all these things for them.)

C. the reign of the sensation of dependence from other people and groups. (i.e., instead of having the individual be trained to be self-reliant and independent and therefore be able to feel he/she can have critical thought and possible offer of contribution of new ways of social development, the individual learns that he/she will never be independent and self-reliant and will always need to ensure another person, group or mechanism which will guarantee that ‘all is well’ he/she already had but has not learned to acknowledge.)

D. the reign of the dream-goal of idleness with remuneration and endless access to consumption which is targeted only to consuming and not the acquisition of a target (i.e. the person learns that the most successful and coveted role in society is the one of the drone, and actually the sterile drone which does not fulfill any purpose and is just maintained uselessly like a malignant tumor. The person does not learn that true Freedom and Success is the contribution to the Self and the Fellow Man so that more and more evolution/ development is managed which will allow the cultivation of Thought more and more. At this moment in society there is no Thought because no dialogue or argumentation is allowed; only a compromise with theoretic schools which enforce a point of view which they forbid to evaluate, develop or reject without the approval of the individuals that arbitrarily determine what is allowed and what is not allowed to be openly expressed in social circles.)

E. the promotion of apathy, fatalism and idle criticism without a constructive purpose. (i.e. they teach the Citizens that ‘this is the way it is’ as an axiom, which means acceptance of the situation without any intent to act to change it, and have as an outlet the criticism of everything with the precondition that no action will have to be taken based on this criticism and he/she will draw no attention).

F. imposition of fear and terrorism of any person, group and mechanism to the point that the biggest goal of the Citizens is not the ensuring of the good functioning of individuals, groups and mechanisms but the full avoidance of responsibility, attention as well as using compromise and business relations which are cultivated with the general view of ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ and not ‘stirring the waters’.

The above six blows are the ones applied in all States so that their backbone will break and fear, oppression, yielding, fatalism, defeatism, cowardice, hypocrisy/ turning a blind eye/ disregard, inaction and servility.

With the reign of these emotions which are derived from the six blows we mentioned, Citizens responsible for the defense and protection of the customs lose their functionality and the backbone breaks:

A. law people are afraid to ‘stir the waters’ by applying the laws spontaneously (e.g. the district attorney and lawyers everywhere do not charge and persecute anti-constitutional actions and law-breaches, such as the indifference for the underhanded destruction of Public property through fires, the indifference for the abolition of laws based on customs protection the working people, such as the 8 hour shift, correct pensions, etc., the persecution of companies managing prostitution overtly, and others), they are bought off trying to reach the dream of the sterile drone and they battle and undermine any person trying to do the task they should already have performed).

B. the educators of all levels, specialties and field are afraid ‘to stir the waters’ and instead of opposing and decry and certainly not apply methods and practices that actively see are destructive to children, adolescents and adults instead of helping them, these educators choose to compromise making deals with superiors and inferiors, oppressing and undermining every individual or fact showing that they are not doing their task. From these educators the future Citizens are taught the emotions derived by the six blows, not as a diseased situation but as the only reality that there can be.

C. the absolute specialists on society and economics, scientists who have taken up helping society be better and better functionally and supportively for the individual and the whole succumb instead to scientific schemas which should be tools, not dogmas, and refuse to carry out their functional and supportive task. On the contrary, they take it upon themselves to break the individuals so that they will fit into this illing society which promotes social paralysis. It is they that are responsible for the concept of the six blows and the yielding of these keys of the State and society to the ones who are its enemies (e.g. research organizations who give up their discoveries and the way to implement/ use them to the great capital holders who seek to subdue and control Human Potential. Such examples of traitorous social scientists are the ones staffing research schemas and foundations like RAND, psychological schools of thought denying people the potential of development by categorizing people in a form of genetic racism, universities which are funded by several multinational corporations to indicate the back door through which these corporations will be able to enforce products, needs and lifestyles serving their own financial interests and not the health and well being of the people. Certainly all the scientists following the above, despite the obligation and capacity not to, conform so that they will ‘let sleeping dogs lie’).

D. maybe the hardest fact to see and accept is that also responsible for the paralysis of the state and the breaking of the backbone, part of which is us, as well, is that we deny our natural instinct and common logic existing within each one of us: so that we will ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ we decide to tolerate and allow the reign of the feeling of inferiority imposed by the above groups. We choose to remain fatalists, apathetic, defeatist and depressed while we all condone through our silence and our non-reaction the social and economic rape we are taught we should put up with as our task. Each time we accept to close our eyes, turn a blind eye, let things drop, ignore social, financial, constitutional, legal, moral, logical breaches and injustices we ourselves deal a blow to the State backbone which our forefathers had designed and set up for our own protection. We ourselves reinforce and condone the State paralysis as well as the vice and corruption, cowardice, arbitrariness, thoughtlessness and audacity which are allowed to prevail by few against many who, however, consent and expect it. That is, farmers/ breeders who throw away and destroy their crops because otherwise they would threaten the maximization of the profit of great capital owners, breeders who kill their animals for the same reason, fishermen who burn their boats because they too were ordered, merchants/ practical tradesmen who put up with the milking by the middle man and the destructive to them state policy ‘because that’s the way it is’, workers who allow criminal ‘businessmen’ to exploit them and then steal their wages, priests who compromise the word of God so that they will not bother big publishers or so that they will draw the public’s attention to titles that would otherwise flop and which undermine dogmas and religious identities, all these social groups contribute and condone the falling down not only of the State but also of their own social being.

If all of the above Citizens-members of the backbone and true force of any State did not stand being molested socially, financially, educationally, historically and morally, then it would not be possible nor would politicians of any rank and group dare to sign their names under unconstitutional laws, unnatural processes, anti-national decisions/ policies, anti-educational programmes, anti-worker and anti-professional schemas and naturally, they wouldn’t be able to staff the public and private sectors either with frightened people who do not dare to ‘stir the waters’ or with diseased elements who have chosen to buy out with exchange their existence, the illusion of power over their fellow people while they add to their personal economic and social destruction in a short, long, or unexpected point in time (since they have decided not to control their own destiny but put it in the hands of those to whom they sold themselves, forgetting that no matter how expensive the thing we buy, we throw it away when we are bored with it or it no longer serves).
In the next editorial we will continue by putting naming who broke Greece’s backbone, demonstrating how you can find out who broke the backbone of your state and finally by demonstrating who and in what way can fix it again, easily and quickly.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

With the Occasion of the Completion of the Olympic Games

With the completion of the Olympic Games of Beijing which coincide with the completion of our summer, we are given the chance to analyze all that we can learn and acquire from the Olympic Games of modernity so that we will be able to use the knowledge in our own race (educational and professional) in which we are preparing to run with the beginning of fall and the end of vacations.

Hundreds of thousands of athletes poured in Beijing for these 16 days where they competed for one of the 958 positions on the victor’s podium, if we calculate gold, silver and bronze as winning, or just 302 if we consider as the high distinction just the gold ones.

Let’s see what it means to have access to compete in the Olympic Games:

1. you must be an official member of some National/ Olympic Association/ Federation
2. you must already have competed and have gained distinctions in other athletic meets / events
3. you must have demonstrated special dedication to your sport
4. you must have a high enough level of competence to achieve the ‘low’ limits of performance for your sport, which limits are a lot higher than the average performance of the athlete population

that is to say that in order for an athlete to hope to be chosen to participate in the Olympic Games he/she must already have exceptional dedication and performance and follow a strict regiment of training to the level of a full time job at least. Therefore, even the most unknown athlete who comes last in the heats is already an accomplished athlete/ champion with high performances which cannot be easily acquired by their peers who can’t have a good enough performance to grant them access to the Olympics.

But all this cream of athletic potential of almost all the earth, with the exception of the 958 who are given some reinforcement for their great toil and effort which often has begun since their early childhood, not only is not reinforced for the feat they have achieved and have already achieved, but on the contrary are rejected and swept away as failures of low performance. But even these 958 athletes who are given a momentary reinforcement of a medal are lost in obscurity the moment they step off the podium and it is mathematically certain that if in the next meet something goes wrong and they do not stand out in their performance, they too will be lost in the same obscurity awaiting all the rest and nobody will actively remember their feat/ distinction that is now in the past.

Many will disagree with the above statement saying that Olympians are considered heroes in their countries and they have much monetary and other type of remuneration. But this is virtual only as the true hero, if we accept such exist, is a person that thanks to his/her status as hero is independent in his/her life (i.e. he doesn’t depend on someone else for his/her job which he/she determines him/herself) and his/her status as a hero gives his/her opinion and his/her wishes weight so that he/she will be heeded or at least taken very seriously unless strong evidence or arguments are presented to the contrary. When we say weight we mean the effectiveness with which a substantiated position and demand of an Olympian would have in being heard and followed socially and politically without, of course, needed for the Olympian to go into politics (i.e. how effective an Olympian would be if with substantiated reasoning and correct argumentation he/she demanded the change of a political person such as the minister of Athletics or the president of SEGAS federation or the president of the HOC or IOC for the improvement of the conditions of training of him/herself and his/her associates. Or how easy would it be if an Olympian demanded the change/ improvement of the methods of doping control so that the prepared food supplements and the responsibilities for the test-positives will go not to the athletes but to the manufacturers, distributors and givers of these supplements).

No Olympian can say or prove that his/her victory in the Olympic Games after so much toil, so many sacrifices and devotion secured this status and this social height, even for the time span until someone else wins the gold in his Olympic event. This means that psychologically and socially and the Olympic Games are a kind of periodical global examinations and a ranking procedure in which everyone is expendable, nobody ever secures a distinction that remains in the ages and everyone is aware that they will never truly be number one since very soon someone else will surpass them and they will not able to stop that from happening.

This fact, were we to examine it from a pedagogical perspective, would be called fully anti-educational and anti-pedagogic as a system because it is ‘rigged’ to have everyone lose at some point: no athlete will ever be able to remain a winner and even the most famous ones will eventually be forgotten.

This is a great squandering and destruction of excellent quality Human Potential which has proven that it has motivation, capacity and commitment/ devotion to do what it takes to achieve a very difficult goal. That which is shown to this Human Potential, which has proven that it is fully trainable with the proper educational methods, is that no matter how wondrous the competence, no matter how above average the performance might ever get will not be good enough to secure by society, not only a temporary ‘on probation’ acceptance but a general and irrevocable acceptance as is deserved.

Society does not actualize this Human Potential just as it doesn’t actualize the excellent Human Potential managing to succeed in inhuman academic examinations (which have parallel characteristics with the process of dealing with the athletes in the Olympic Games and afterwards) after these people comprising this Human Potential have already managed to graduate from an amazingly hard secondary level education due to the unacceptable teaching methodology employed in schools as it has been designed by the ministry of Education and the Pedagogical Institute ignoring the suggestions/objections of all the professors, students and parents for the very low quality of the curriculi and programmes.

What we ought to do, if we truly have the capacity as human to understand and actualize the immense Potential of these young people and the wealth on all levels which they would be able to offer to all of us without exception in different ways useful to society (while right now the wealth is taken by the few who need to use en masse the value of the people), civilization and prosperity, is to meet all these people who try so much to gain our acceptance and respect with our positivism/ acceptance, value and recognition of their potential. We must direct this potential towards avenues where the success of these people will be ensured, constructive and useful.

It is a shame and disgrace to have excellent young people who have worked hard to make the social group they belong to proud far more than their selves be demeaned and dragged in the mud to the point they are forced to expatriate themselves and have their value recognized by others, exactly as the case was with the pioneer in gymnastics Gold Olympian I. Melissanides, exactly as several geniuses have been chased out of the borders through inappropriate procedures of academic examinations and are admitted in universities abroad without ever returning to their country.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Greek Ethnic Profile

The Greek Ethnic profile has some very important characteristics which possibly separate the Hellenic Nation from most on the earth due to the following properties:

1. it is a direct evolution not of the Byzantine culture (which is limited as a remnant in the ritual protocol and hierarchy of the church) but of the ancient Greek one.

2. it promotes and has yielded a mix of daily ideology where the philosophical principles of the ancient Greeks (education as a means of enlightenment and social advancement, participation in public affairs, hospitality, liberalism and the defense of the right to independence and self-determination, defense of what is right over what is profitable, and others) and the ideological and philosophical principles of Christianity (love for the fellow man, hospitality, support to the hurt as well as friends and family, defense of family, defense of what is right and ethical over what is profitable, etc)

3. historically there exists the support for points 1 and 2 through resistance to every kind of occupation, dictatorship, terrorist and other attempts to subjugate from the era of the Persian empire to today, without the guarantee of success or numbers/ technological superiority when going up against the occasional conqueror/ trespasses/ tyrant/ dictator/ ‘master’. The systematic victory and defense of independence shows stamina and commitment for this prevalence even if it takes a process of centuries to achieve.

4. Greek culture has the characteristic of integration and hellenization of new elements/ races/ people who remain within it, because it gives a very vivid identity without stifling or limiting the personality of the person; rather it promotes it. Greek culture is also a philosophical movement as can be shown by the various philhellenic movements and the capacity to disperse knowledge through them as long as the Greek principles are adhered to.

5. there is promotion and embrace of pluralism but without tolerance for any reason of the trespassing/ oppression of one idea or group in favour of the other, or social infringement or alteration/ rejection of any idea or race in favour of the other. In case of such a breach/ trespassing by one group against any other there is immediate disapproval and isolation of that group.

The above qualities are on the one part a description of a humanistic movement and on the other part trajectories directly undermining any group or social class or state or scheme which desires the social and financial oppression of the many in favour of the few.

Therefore, it is natural and expected to have an intense, stifling and charging war of ideas, lifestyle and propaganda against the Greeks and the Greek profile through specific agents and individuals who are not part of the Greek group but of another group which is international and serves the law of money and violent, back-stage propaganda and terrorist suppression which we will examine in the matching area to be informed on.

The more the above ideas are in essence upkept and, when an issue of clear and direct choice is presented to the Greek instead of indirect manipulation through undermining of logic, though psychological blackmail and mainly, through avoidance of mentioning the definition/ name of each choice (e.g. financial liberalism instead of financial dictatorship, corporate motivation instead of differential/ unequal treatment with state funds, social care instead of financial strangulation of the self-employed professionals and farmers, impoverishment of the state cashtills instead of theft and embezzlement of the People’s money, retrenchment instead of re-allocation of wealth to place it in the hands of the few, free educational system instead of anti-educational system causing financial bloodletting to the Citizen due to necessity to hire not only other educational means but also special psychological health experts, development and progress instead of backtracking and abolition of the vested social protections, and others), the Greek will always choose according to his/ her culture’s trajectories. This is obvious even in this year’s Olympic Games with the great reaction and complaints of Greek Citizens and not the elected/ installed officials (who accepted it) regarding the absolute insult of the Greek People when internationally the image of the outcast and rejected ex-king as a representative of Greece in Beijing during the opening ceremony was projected/ enforced.

For this reason, therefore, for thirty years now there has been going on an attack, direct and indirect, against the profile of the Greek in an effort to make the Greek People be ashamed of this identity which is one of the most liberal, charismatic and progressive.

Attempts are being made to convince the Greek that they are not intelligent, they do not have the capacity to make choices, they are not brave, they are not studious and successful and have no relationship with ancestors who admittedly are all this, both in antiquity and modern times (there are attempts to separate contemporary Greeks from the ancient ones when anthropologically, ideologically, linguistically and existentially they are proven to be tantamount counterparts) that they are not true descendents of the heroes of war of 1821, 1912, 1914, 1922, 1940, 1973 because it is claimed that the particular heroes died without leaving offspring or that this offspring they did leave was in some mysterious way corrupted ideologically or was not taught the same principles.

Of course all of the above is false and is not founded on proof but on propaganda as projection as supporting examples of isolated, many times fabricated cases or occasions that for several reasons are not part of the true Hellenic group.

Also, odd, unrealistic stories of success are projected which in truth and not in the sphere of the fantastic where they exist can be explained as far as financial, business and social success, not because of ability or worthiness but because of ‘patented promotion’ and use of channels and ways of embezzling and theft of public funds. But that which is being communicated is that this success came to these people through meritocratic methods and work (fact which is false and easily disproven) like the methods used by the average Greek, fact which has a catastrophic impact on the morale, self-esteem and sense of worth/ power of the person.

So, feeling that he/she is not worthwhile and has no potential and concepts like that of the boatman/ ship ticket issue clerk who mysteriously after the Nazi Occupation became a tycoon, the owner of a scrap yard who also mysteriously became a tycoon after the Nazi Occupation, the officer of the navy who after the Junta also became an international tycoon, the student/ resistance party member who somehow returned with great capital from abroad right after the fall of the Junta and acquired huge international corporate empires, and other such people, the Greek person yields to them and their ‘superior’ intellect without realizing because of withholding of information and propaganda that these types of people do not have worth nor scruples nor anything from the legendary ‘Greek Effectiveness’ but are just a gang of robbers presenting themselves in disguise so they will not be ousted from Greece in a manner worse than the ex-king.

Consequently, that which the Greek should be aware of is that the more they are attacked on their identity, their quality of character, progress and civilization the more they have managed to preserve and threaten interest which are against them, their families and their fellow Citizens and because their choices and actions are correct and irrefutable due to proof and logic, manipulation through slander is attempted.

Maybe the only part of culture that they should reconsider as a philosophical axiom is the trust that everyone around them have the same type of earnestness/ conscientiousness (the greek word ‘philotimo / φιλότιμο’) and the same positive motivation as they do, so that they will be able to avoid falling into the traps of rhetoric and demagogues in all the social ranks and learn to control for the quality of their peers on the basis of their actions, on which they too must act. (see blog Stigmata for more detail on this)

Social Messages from the Altar

It is customary, at some point during Sunday Mass and the assorted anniversary masses in churches, which are an inextricable part of Greek Orthodox culture, for the priest to make the sermon. The sermon was created at an age where the priest was in essence the leader (at least morally and spiritually and almost always politically as well) of the social group in his church’s jurisdiction and many times he also was the only source of direction and information for the era’s current events. Today the priest is not considered the leader of the social and political life but he continues delivering sermons.

With the propaganda of the mass media and pop culture the church, the priest and anything that is touched or overlapping with them is considered totalitarian, backward, and outside of ‘in’ modern society. Whether this is true and to what level and in what aspect is something we will analyze in the areas to be informed of regarding the Church (coming soon). That which we are noting today is the undermining of the interests and awareness of the Greek Citizens through the combination and association of specific ideas and facts with the idea of backward menticide characterizing the church in the awareness of people since the fall of the Junta. Despite this, there is still status which is triggered only in specific occasions in the conscience of the Citizen, and not in all of them.

Within the sermons, priests lately have been including admonitions and urgings for key political and National matters like the issue of Skopje, the issue of financial policy, social police, welfare, etc. The unfortunate thing is that many times, especially in National issues, the opinions and admonitions in the sermons are correct.

That is unfortunate because anything the priest says in the sermon is received exactly like that: a ‘sermon’, i.e. something unjustifiably extreme, conservative, obscurest, and consequently to be rejected by default without due thought. Therefore, action very important and crucial but which would demand a little further mobilization, are rejected as extremist and old fashioned whereas other admonitions that are according to the status quo, even if they are considered extremist and old fashioned are adhered to with any tendency to object to them completely stifled.

That is, through the above process, anything that is included in a sermon and goes against the already existing situation/ ideology is rejected whereas anything that is included in a sermon and is congruent to the existing situation is doubly affirmed. The most worrying thing is that in both cases, both reactions take place without thought or judgment but ‘swallowed whole’ as we say.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

For the first August fortnight

The month of August is the designated month of vacations, during which everyone considers it their obligation to go through the process generally implied by the expression ‘I am going on vacations’.

This means, more or less, that for the average Greek (and most possibly internationally all Citizens) to have the feeling that finally he/she can and is allowed to rest, he/she must:

1. have gathered a satisfactory amount of cash (usually around 40% of his/her annual income) aside of the standard expenses such as bills, taxes, installments, etc.
2. have organized the moving and stay in specific vacation sites
3. have ensured the participation of friends in the particular expedition
4. have renewed / acquired the necessary equipment, clothing, body, appearance so that he/she will be able to feel they can appear in public.
5. have ensured stay/ maintenance of the house and any pets.

In the case that one has a summer house, along with the above requirements, one will have to clean house, do general maintenance and oversee any repairs that need to be done before the house is ‘livable’ and before one can justify to oneself that they can sit back and rest. Keeping in mind that the average duration of leave is between a week and 15 days, the pure days of rest are much fewer and the fatigue accumulating before them is augmented and quite demanding.

Consequently, what we see is that the process of vacationing (which implies that one takes leave from work) is many times much more tiring than daily routine.

So, what is it that makes them so attractive?

Primarily it is the sensation that what we do is not work (i.e. obligatory work we haven’t chosen). Also, it is the change of scenery and the potential of access to places and experiences that are not typical where we live.

But far stronger than all that, is the power we believe we get on a social level:

The capacity to answer to your social circle’s question “Where will you go on vacations?” with some answer in the lines of “This year, we’ll go…” instead of the infinitely shameful “This year we’ll stay here/ we’ll go to the village/ the usual place” is worth enough to the insecure person so that he/she will go through the entire procedure which may cost him/her much more than just fatigue (especially in cases such as getting vacation loans one cannot later pay for), just because he/she will feel that he/she will not be rejected by the members of his/her so-called social circle.

We cannot, therefore, accept that this whole process aims to the rest and replenishing of strength as the purpose theoretically is.

And what would be real vacations?

Real vacations would have to entail what the word means: A break from the several procedures and things which cause us fatigue WITHOUT OUR FURTHER BURDENING OR THE BURDENING OF OUR FUTURE.

And how can that happen?

Primarily, we must not burden ourselves during the vacation time with extra or similar pressures as the ones we daily face (e.g. if we daily have the concern that we must coordinate other colleagues in the office or other people, or if we must obey to the orders of higher ranking people, cluster and fight for the conquering of a position/ privilege/ proviso/ etc, we can’t allow for them to transform into matching worries and strife/ attempts during vacations).

Also, we must not burden ourselves with added stresses or try to take away stresses in a manner that we know will trouble us after the end of the vacations.

At all costs, our vacations must be saturated with enthusiasm but also quiet and the activities during our vacations must be the ones we truly like and not the ones our peers and social circle think are necessary to take place during vacations (you can very easily find out and see which activities these are if you wonder what you do during work ‘to waste time’ and what is that which its thought alone rests you, and when you have done it you feel full of energy even if the body is tired).

Remember: The biggest thing from which we must take vacations is the pressure of others, of friends, of social ‘musts’ and of the stereotypes of what must be done during vacations instead of what we want to be done during vacations.

Before we discuss it in the next editorial, think:

1. who truly benefits from the process of vacationing?
2. Who is the one who truly rests and who is the one who accumulates more burdens along with the existing ones of the past years?
3. In the end, what would be the perfect vacations for everyone?

We will discuss all that, but if you give us your answers we will mention more direct examples.