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In nature there are all kinds of organisms which teach us the possible relationships/ interactions that can exist between living beings granted some kind of communication capacity. All organisms which do not fall under the category of ‘pestilence’ (i.e. highly harmful, catastrophic organisms behaving like kamikaze and/or cannibalistically) invariantly either produce work or do not obstruct the production of work by others.

Therefore, there exists parasitic life which is not catastrophic or harmful for the parasite’s environment, because the parasite has limits that are on no occasion broken and knows that its survival depends on the well being and good condition of the organism on which it sticks. The most successful parasites in nature manage never to be detected by or harmful to the organism because they feed solely on the surplus of each organism.

Just like in nature, in social life, which follows the same rules, society can likewise be functional and in general standing healthy if the parasitic element limits itself to feeding off the surplus of the production of those who produce. When we speak of surplus we mean anything that is not used nor demanded (due to need) by the ones who produce. That is, the parasite a society can handle is the one that takes what is given, if it is given, and demands nothing more. In any other case, exactly as in nature, the parasitic factor is a disease and if it is not eradicated to the very last trace, the organism assaulted with it will die or subsist, fact which will render it prey to other organisms.

Based on the principles we set for a healthy society in the previous part and which are phased out by the six blows, we can now present with substantiation the disease which inflicts itself on societies, the symptoms pertinent and the parasite creating the disease. Knowing these, we are fully armed to begin fighting the disease and the parasite so that we will heal the illing, infected society:

In particular, let’s make the properties sheet of Social Disease:


A basic characteristic of the Disease is the cataplectic, escalating cease in functioning of the customs and institutions, of the constitution, of Human Rights and common logic (capacity of application of the principles of Action-Reaction) which manifest usually in the 1st stage of the disease with ideological pangs and emotional blackmail towards the Citizens of the Society to have them waive their above stated vested Rights, with basic argument the great promotion of other infected, ailing societies as the icon of health. In the 2nd stage these pangs (propaganda) become action with the active removal of the Customs and Rights of the Society due to wearing down/ degeneration of the Citizens’ awareness via orchestrated and systematic complete propaganda. In the 3rd and final stage of the Disease, continuous, consecutive blows of enforced and not natural impoverishment of great groups/ classes of Citizens as well as State paralysis in all sectors occurs. From the moment the official abolition of the Constitution and Human Rights takes place, Society goes dead and occupation/ totalitarianism/ subjugation sets in.


This parasitic infestation takes place from the moment it is allowed for the pathogenic Social parasite of the nation-less economic and power-mongering embezzler to take action.

Parameters of this parasite rendering it highly dangerous are its capacity to conceal itself behind positive actions and facts that have been produced by healthy units of the healthy main Social organism so that the parasite will be associated with them and therefore will be able to fool the organism that it is constructive, produces work and is an important member until it has managed to spread the infection. From the moment the infection has degenerated and taken over a good part of the healthy State organism, the parasite projects itself as it being the main organism and presenting itself as the healthy one, making propaganda that the results of its parasitic life and activity is a product of the actual organism (which at this stage has already begun to ail because of the infection). The more, at this stage, the parasite meets with opposition or efforts by the main State organism members to throw it off, the more the parasite brazens it out and accuses the ones who are the immune system of the State organism that they are the parasites, thus causing auto-immune responses in Society (i.e. the State organism fights itself instead of fighting the parasite infecting it). In the final state the parasite imposes its own parasitic character without pretense, claiming irrational excuses for the justification of the ‘right’ it has to sap the State organism to the death.


This parasite is extremely vulnerable to clarity. By clarity we define the systematic daily publication of accounts/ moves/ signatures by state name/ investments and expenditures by name of who authorized them with immediately administrative/ disciplinary/ criminal and civil consequences before a People who is aware and without tolerance to errors. In the slightest suspicion of the onset of treatment the parasite subsides and attempts to hide and remain dormant until treatment is stopped, whereupon it will try to re-infect the organism. Full treatment includes the immediate corrective action of blows dealt by the parasite before it was detected, with general aim the full alignment to the Constitution, the Human Rights as well as the permanent removal of the parasitic agent (i.e. the parasite giving the orders as well as all the members of the State organism who helped spread the infection instead of stop it).

Half-measures in therapy do not stop the disease and infection continues regardless and progressively.


1. the case of the infection of Greek Society through the Papandreou family:

The beginning of infection began with the preparation of the field by George Papandreou senior who forced and blackmailed the healthy elements of the social organism to subdue and waive basic rights, while hiding behind achievements of the healthy elements (the Greek Citizens and the defense they did for the preservation of Democracy and Freedom after the Second World War) promoting himself as liberator of an already liberated by herself country in which he installed himself along with the king after everything was said and done: that is, after Greek Citizens had thrown off the occupiers on all levels and have their own liberal and highly socially advanced government and administrative organization, G. Papandreou in 1944 – in view of the liberation that was evident was about to come thanks to the efforts of the Greek Citizens against the Nazis together with other allied forces – decided to side with the exiled royal government in Egypt and organized the conference of Lebanon (May 1944), where the composition of the Ethnic Unity government was decided with contributions from all political parties under his chair as prime minister. To eliminate the healthy elements this parasite drenched Greece in blood turning (in a classic expression of the symptomatology we described) Greek Citizens against each other, by having sniper policemen shoot into a panhellenic demonstration of protest against his arbitrary and totalitarian government decisions, for his actions’ demeaning character to the Citizens’ existence and his effort to weaken them (3 and 4 December 1944).

Later in his career he went ahead to make highly totalitarian moves and actions of enforcement, pretending to be Democratic while his actions were fascist. (he limited pluralism by keeping KKE, the communist party of Greece, illegal and terrorizing the People by a counterpart to McCarthyism, preventing other movements which had nothing to do with KKE or the Soviet logic from existing even when the People asked for them. He forbade anyone going against his government to work and demanded from educators to be not informers and pedagogues but spies and informants undermining Free People: with the Education Decree 1010/11-03-1965 which was directed to the inspector-teachers of Middle School, he turned their attention to the danger of students adhering to the Lambraki Youth movement. In this Decree, after repeating that “Communism is enemy of the Nation and Democracy,” he rendered teachers responsible for ‘ethnic indoctrination’ of the students, making clear that teachers of more liberal persuasion had no position in the educational system and was asking the inspector-teachers to submit to him a confidential report on them at the end of every month.

With the tactic of embezzling the achievements of the healthy state organism, this parasite supported English and American interests regarding the occupation and dichotomy of Cyprus (see Acheson plan) and caused the coming of the Junta in 1967 with the fabrication of political crisis by his own doing, embezzling the achievements of Gregory Lambrakis who was visualizing Peace, Freedom and Equality for all the Citizens: needlessly coming to a clash with the royal family that had always been supporting him and he, in turn was serving, G. Papandreou embezzled the title of anti-royalist protector of the People and was presented as victim of totalitarianism, dissembling without needing to his powerful (by election) government.

Having embezzled this identity and aura of the resistance member and hunted by royals and the junta (both regimes he helped and supported to found with similar proceedings as the one with which he caused civil strife) he prepared his heir Andreas to return in Greece, where it was again becoming obvious that the Citizens would throw off the totalitarian regime and would ask for a Free State of Equality and Justice again, once more after everything was said and done, and once more as rebel liberator.

From the moment of the reinstatement of Democracy and up to his death in 1996, G. Papandreou’s son Andreas dealt to the fullest the six blows to the Greek social backbone and broke it: a backbone that had time and again tried to throw off the totalitarian elements and had noted at times the parasitic nature of his father. Always hiding his own parasitic nature behind tags of values he had always undermined with the enforcement of terrorism against Free Speech for decades, displaying the classic brazen of these parasites, grossly telling the Greek Citizens, to whom the Nation and Greece belongs, that “whoever doesn’t like it, step off the train (which he had embezzled from the ones who had constructed it)”. With the same grossness in 1981 he promised to fix the economy since he was a ‘brilliant’ economist from an ivy league USA university, and his management brought on poverty (financial, educational and moral) to the Citizens as well as great wealth to a certain few families which, of course, he had been serving.

With his actions, Andreas Papandreous made the people hate socialism because of his hypocrisy and underhanded association of liberal ideas and movements, which Greeks have always sought since the founding of the Free Greek State of modern history, with his fascist government.

The son of this man, already having shown his alignment through positions in his father’s government, is trying with the same parasitic policy to pretend to be the People’s protector and anticipates the moment the People, seeking to throw off the parasite currently ruling, turn to him so he can sap them even more than what they already are, to the death.

Tomorrow, on Saturday, September 6 2008, the parasite which at this moment is embezzling the position of head of State, is going to present a report of hypocrisy and answer to the ones he is truly serving (the big capital owners participating in the International Thessaloniki Expo). We will therefore continue his presentation of parasite examples causing Social Disease with B. the Karamanlis case and C. the Mitsotakis case as well as a summary overview of the remaining parasites tomorrow at 5 pm.

Afterwards we will present certain internationally active parasites so that we will help all those interested in making accurate diagnoses do so everywhere in the globe.

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