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Examples of Social Infection

B. The case of infection of Greek Society through the Karamanlis family:

Another parasite which contributed and advanced the infection of Greek Society since 1935 and onwards is Constantine G. Karamanlis who, being the son of a school teacher in a village in Norther Greece, rose to be a great factor in the political scene, once more following the tactics of pathogenic parasites causing Social Disease.

In particular: he inserted himself underhandedly and took over the position of prime minister without elections through an unlawful royal order and no through People’s order as he was obliged to, according to the constitution, and ever since enforced his totalitarian power rigging and twisting the order and choice of the People, changing arbitrarily the election law (see “tripartite electing system”, 1956 elections) where he multiplied the weight of the election result in the areas/ provinces where it was certain that the political party ERE which he founded would be elected while enforcing a simple count of the votes in the provinces where it was certain that another party would be elected, and therefore made them have much less weight in the total election result. In this way, hiding behind democratic processes such as the elections, he twisted the People’s order, which was that they didn’t want him to lead (his party had come in second in simple total vote count), and claimed audaciously that the People was who elected him, when the People clearly did not.

In the second stage of the infection by his own parasitic activity, without pretence or the hypocrisy of the first stage he imposed himself with a coup (as he wouldn’t have been able to do so in any case in a democratic election) with the elections of “violence and rigging” of 1958 and 1961 during which Greek Citizens openly said that “even the trees and dead people cast a vote” and on top of that this parasite escorted Greek Citizens to the ballot-box with armed forces.

In cooperation with his rival parasite we analyzed yesterday George Papandreou Senior, C. Karamanlis paved the way for the occupation and drenching in blood of Cyprus by Turkey (which followed in 1974) with the agreement of Zurich-London in 1959.

During the entire duration of his parasitic action, exactly like the parasites of his kind responsible for Social Disease, sowed fear and terror among the Greek Citizens, breaking them apart, claiming that the catastrophic impact for which he was responsible was the effect of other, healthy social groups seeking the reign of Peace, Freedom and Equality in all the aspects of daily living. With the support of the Palace he unleashed military groups, police teams and gendarmerie units with a blank check to exile, capture, torture, rape, humiliate, execute/murder any Greek Citizen they wanted and who opposed in any way the authority of this parasite and the ones he was serving.

Under the protection of C. Karamanlis and the token political opposition of Papandreou, Gregory Lambrakis was openly and audaciously assassinated with the setting of a public execution. Lambrakis was a pacifist with great popularity and a lot of People’s confidence. It was most possible that he would be the one to win the coming elections with a great majority of votes by the actual People, leaving the political parties of the two parasites at the margins of parliament. It is worthy to note that one of the programme points in Lambrakis’ plan was to disarm and stop the military state violence, which was the only force on which Karamanlis and Papandreou could rely on to prevail.

After Lambrakis’ assassination, the one who was the true People’s choice, we move on to the third stage of the infection where the parasites attempt to exploit the exhaustion, wearing down and mourning of the People while in the same time embezzling the ideas and visions of their victims.

To avoid the political cost and the rage of the People for the assassination he supported and which was proven to have been organised and covered up (and still is being covered up) by government agents, Karamanlis pretended to have a clash with queen Frederica (with the grace of whom he imposed himself on the political scene and whom he had been supporting up to then) and self-exiled himself without anyone forcing him to for four months abroad (i.e. a long enough time span for good vacations), leaving the military state force upon which he relied on to deal with and subdue the Greek Citizens who were in an uproar and enraged because of the heinous assassination of Lambrakis. Therefore he tried to pretend to be the victim (i.e. the hunted resistance member chased by the Palace), which is the typical policy of manipulation and twisting that parasites causing Social Disease use. This manipulation technique is especially used for Greek current events because Greeks have always, almost reflexively, supported and sided with whoever is opposing royals and totalitarian regimes.

He attempted to cash in this manipulation tactic 4 months after his ‘self-exile’ in November 1963 in the elections of that year but he underestimated, as happens to all of this kind, the awareness of the Greek People and the capacity they have to tell who is a traitor and not forget that easily (except when new generations are not taught their History) and consequently he lost the elections by far.

Right afterwards he returned by his own volition abroad and he tagged this again ‘self-exile’ (i.e. he spent 11 years in Paris, in mansions and palaces in the company of French heads of State and the international jet set) to return again without notice after the fall of the Junta, which invited him to succeed it as “the best possible solution” for the continuation of the Junta’s task against a People who wouldn’t put up with it.

In order to remain in power, after he protected the Junta members from the People’s rage, who wanted and enforced the capital punishment which Karamanlis cancelled immediately of his own volition without even an appeal by the Junta members for pardon or lenience, Karamanlis continued censorship and the use of police to intimidate, demonstrating once more his fascist policy. In order to remain in power during 1977 when elections ran again he blackmailed the Greek People, three years after the Junta, telling them openly (since we are in the 3rd stage of infection where the parasite does not attempt to pretend any longer but to demand subjugation through violence and intimidation) that in Greece there would be “either me or the tanks”. That is, he told the Greeks that either they would have the illusion of democracy with a small dictator in the position of the prime minister or they would have martial law and dictatorship without pretence. Because in the 3rd stage there is a great exhaustion and wearing down of the People and because the elections always give hope of overthrowing a condition, the Greek Citizens chose that the tanks would not once more uncontrollably roam Athens. Unfortunately, that which was not visible to the Greek Citizens (and how could it have been with the infection so widespread, the parasitic agent having crept in to all social classes) was that the political opposition and all the other alternative choices in an election after 1974 were just as parasitic and dictatorial and cooperating with C. Karamanlis’ government.

When despite his fascist and terrorist tactics it was rendered obvious that the People would overthrow him and marginalize him for ever, he altered the constitution so that he would be able to elect himself President of the Democracy with extended powers not by the People but by the Parliament which was controlled by him and those he was serving. In this manner, just like he started his political career he completed it by bypassing and opposing the People’s will, keeping in a fascist manner powers and authorities at his hands that nobody had given him.

Regarding his management of the Greek economy and state development, once more he applied parasitic policies and propaganda and twisted the fact that he widened the gap between the social classes (as he tore apart many productive parts of the People through the extensive hunting down and exile of the People in the same time with the great economic migration of Citizens to other countries to escape the relentless unemployment, hunger and poverty): sources mention the very forceful rise of the economy claiming an increase of the State Gross Income per capita and the decrease of unemployment. But they do not mention that the State Gross Income is not equally divided per capita in actuality and in truth it is gathered in the hands of the few while the many were below poverty level. Also, the thousands exiled for their political beliefs and therefore had no income for themselves or their families are not listed as unemployed nor are the thousands who migrated to escape unemployment taken into account and therefore were not calculated by the publicised research.

Also, this parasite contributed to the over-charging Greece by entering the country arbitrarily in the EU, making her answerable to the prescriptions and demands of globalisation, that is subjugating Greece to the great international capital and forcing Greece to lose her economic independence and development and making her covertly become an economic province instead of an independent State with independent economy. For this reason, C. Karamanlis was awarded the Charlemagne award in 1978 and established his line as worthy servants of the global great capital.

One of the namesake nephews of this man, who was raised especially to take up the action his uncle had been doing, is currently enjoying parasitically the position of prime minister of Greece since he was imposed on the People through economic blackmail and after the 6 blows to the Greek Society’s backbone had successfully shattered it and the People was desperate, tired and unfairly angry with Socialism, which Andreas Papandreou had embezzled and the dictatorially imposed parasite K. Simitis had blatantly abused after the long months of A. Papandreous’ illness.

C. A. Karamanlis, exactly as his uncle had, promised and is promising economic improvement from the dwindling state in which the previous parasites had brought it and instead of that, exactly as his uncle, he redistributed wealth giving as much as he could to the few families he is serving (with the continuous, almost catatonic construction of works, funding, financial supports and spectacles through which the great capital holders can sap financially the State and the Greek Citizens), relinquishing to the hands of these same families keys of the State control (such as privatizations/ stock-exchange entries of state enterprises such as the electricity company, telecommunications, water, transports, insurance, public wealth/ lands and other blatant anticonstitutional and highly traitorous behaviours to the oaths and the Greek Citizens.)

For the serving of other interests he burned down the agricultural/ forested areas of Greece (by sabotaging the attempts to extinguish the fires and conscientiously ignoring the processes of repairing/ reconstructing the damages so that the economic/ primary productive force of the State be preserved).

Also, he supports the first stage of infection by other parasites from the financial/ ship-owner/ industrial/ commercial sector which are presented as benefactors in the destroyed areas, using State money to make it look like they are performing the repairs and aid that normally the State should be conducting. Just as his uncle and his government after the assassination of Lambrakis, in the same way C.A. Karamanlis and his government disappeared from the scene, being unavailable after the great fires, so that they would avoid the People’s rage.

Just like his uncle, he rigged the elections by including in the voters’ lists for the first time persons who have no contact and do not know or have not experienced Greek daily life under his government, so that he could camouflage the percentage of abstinence from the elections and the unfavourable for him election result (such persons are the 2,000,000 immigrants granted Greek citizenship and Greeks or of Greek heritage people who vote via mail from abroad and cannot know Greek reality nor can they actually and effectively check the result of the vote count.)

Just like his uncle he is paving the way for the embezzlement of the demanding will of the People to call for a reinstatement of the regime of Constitutional Democracy through the communication propaganda promotion he is conducting for assorted great capital owners and their so-called philanthropist wives so that they will seem to be People’s benefactors against the State while in reality they support and are supported by this State of violence and rigging that feeds them.

This man will appear today at the International Thessaloniki Expo and while the people and the Citizens he has sworn to serve will be protesting and demanding the return of the stolen goods the governments of C.A. Karamanlis stole back to the People on a National, Social and personal level, he will blatantly, since the infection he has caused as a parasite is at the 3rd level, stand up straight before his employers within the Expo (i.e. the great capital owners and stock holders) to report and promise them additional projects (i.e. excuses to embezzle state money), further sapping of the people who are protesting right outside and prove officially his activity’s impact with the founding of the Social Aid/ Poverty Cashtill for the ones from whom he took away the capacity to be middle class, which they had been before his execution of the “modest and humble” plan.

In the next article we will complete our perusal of examples of representative parasites in Greece so we will be able to look at the ones in the international melee.

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