Monday, September 1, 2008

The State’s Broken Backbone

(and who broke it, and who can fix it)

The estimation and statement following will use Greece as an example at this time, but the truth holds for all without exception the States of the so-called ‘western culture’. That which changes is names, dates and instances, but never the general pattern.

The backbone of a country, just as the backbone of the body is what helps the whole stand to its proper height and have full control of what is happening, what must be corrected, what must be developed and what must be protected in all the body, based on the principles set by the brain. Without the spine the brain is cut off from the rest of the body, which is corrupted and paralyzed. Whoever does not have a healthy spine does not have life (either in terms of longevity or quality of living, with the estimation and margins set by nature).

The same holds for a state. In order, though, to be able to understand what truly goes on and what is the backbone which causes the paralysis which we are all witnessing daily around us, we will first need to define what constitutes paralysis in a State and what constitutes the State’s backbone.

Paralysis in a State is the non-functioning of the institutes and customs, i.e. the non-application of the State’s Constitution, of the Human Rights, and of the creation of laws that breach the Constitution and the Human Rights. We can ascertain the non-functioning of the institutes and customs in our daily living when the following fundamental Rights are breached, which the State was founded to protect and ensure for its Citizens:

A. The Right to protection from poverty, destitution and stress of survival/ living needs.

B. The Right to Free Speech and its protection and attention/ observance of this Free Speech.

C. The Right to Freedom and self-determination on the basis of morals and views which are not dictated by political parties, social groups, military groups, economic groups and other sources of coercion.

D. The Right to protection of the individual and individual property regardless of class, sex, race and age.

E. The Right to protection of individual health, be it physical, mental, moral and spiritual as well as access to its cultivation.

If officially and actually we have incidents of poverty, financial destitution, censoring of Free Speech or ignoring of it (as we can see happens with the mass media, where the uncontrolled access to people the mass media are promoting to lecture the People is not allowed, i.e. to have questions heard from and by the People without the interfering of a phone center that chooses or constructs what will be heard and how much), forbidding of action according to conscience of people determining the application of institutes and customs, as well as impunity if they conform to this coercion, non-coverage of all the Citizens against common crime (i.e. thieving, stealing, murders, rapes, etc), illness and corruption, then we are witnessing State paralysis.

The backbone of a State is defined as the sum of adult Citizens who have Citizen Rights (i.e. the right to participate in common affairs, be elected and elect others). This includes all our fellow people as well as us, and therefore when there is State paralysis it means that we, the State’s backbone, has broken and is not functioning.

A backbone does not break easily. Multiple very strong blows at valid points on it are demanded so that it will yield. That means that a backbone never breaks by accident (at least not State backbones): it is always the result of coordinated attacks by groups (not single individuals) who very consciously and very actively seek to paralyze the State as they can only survive and be tolerated in a paralyzed one.

In order to break the backbone of any State, the following blows and their successful dealing are needed:

A. the reign of low self-concept in all the adult people of a State.

B. the reign of low education which is hyper-specialized in one area/ field but is very poor to non-existent in the skills one must be taught to be a competent Citizen and Social Entity. (i.e. students learn a lot of theory, theoretical ideas and axioms but they do NOT learn to control them, question them and apply them in practice and their daily lives so in essence they remain uneducated, but with the added inhibition of the belief they are educated and therefore don’t need further learning. This means that anything they encounter in their daily lives and in society, i.e. political decision, laws and legislations, financial measures and others things which determined their lives profoundly, they consider as beyond them, that they cannot learn about it because it is not their field, deny to check it and delegate it with a blank check to the people who arbitrarily declare they can do all these things for them.)

C. the reign of the sensation of dependence from other people and groups. (i.e., instead of having the individual be trained to be self-reliant and independent and therefore be able to feel he/she can have critical thought and possible offer of contribution of new ways of social development, the individual learns that he/she will never be independent and self-reliant and will always need to ensure another person, group or mechanism which will guarantee that ‘all is well’ he/she already had but has not learned to acknowledge.)

D. the reign of the dream-goal of idleness with remuneration and endless access to consumption which is targeted only to consuming and not the acquisition of a target (i.e. the person learns that the most successful and coveted role in society is the one of the drone, and actually the sterile drone which does not fulfill any purpose and is just maintained uselessly like a malignant tumor. The person does not learn that true Freedom and Success is the contribution to the Self and the Fellow Man so that more and more evolution/ development is managed which will allow the cultivation of Thought more and more. At this moment in society there is no Thought because no dialogue or argumentation is allowed; only a compromise with theoretic schools which enforce a point of view which they forbid to evaluate, develop or reject without the approval of the individuals that arbitrarily determine what is allowed and what is not allowed to be openly expressed in social circles.)

E. the promotion of apathy, fatalism and idle criticism without a constructive purpose. (i.e. they teach the Citizens that ‘this is the way it is’ as an axiom, which means acceptance of the situation without any intent to act to change it, and have as an outlet the criticism of everything with the precondition that no action will have to be taken based on this criticism and he/she will draw no attention).

F. imposition of fear and terrorism of any person, group and mechanism to the point that the biggest goal of the Citizens is not the ensuring of the good functioning of individuals, groups and mechanisms but the full avoidance of responsibility, attention as well as using compromise and business relations which are cultivated with the general view of ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ and not ‘stirring the waters’.

The above six blows are the ones applied in all States so that their backbone will break and fear, oppression, yielding, fatalism, defeatism, cowardice, hypocrisy/ turning a blind eye/ disregard, inaction and servility.

With the reign of these emotions which are derived from the six blows we mentioned, Citizens responsible for the defense and protection of the customs lose their functionality and the backbone breaks:

A. law people are afraid to ‘stir the waters’ by applying the laws spontaneously (e.g. the district attorney and lawyers everywhere do not charge and persecute anti-constitutional actions and law-breaches, such as the indifference for the underhanded destruction of Public property through fires, the indifference for the abolition of laws based on customs protection the working people, such as the 8 hour shift, correct pensions, etc., the persecution of companies managing prostitution overtly, and others), they are bought off trying to reach the dream of the sterile drone and they battle and undermine any person trying to do the task they should already have performed).

B. the educators of all levels, specialties and field are afraid ‘to stir the waters’ and instead of opposing and decry and certainly not apply methods and practices that actively see are destructive to children, adolescents and adults instead of helping them, these educators choose to compromise making deals with superiors and inferiors, oppressing and undermining every individual or fact showing that they are not doing their task. From these educators the future Citizens are taught the emotions derived by the six blows, not as a diseased situation but as the only reality that there can be.

C. the absolute specialists on society and economics, scientists who have taken up helping society be better and better functionally and supportively for the individual and the whole succumb instead to scientific schemas which should be tools, not dogmas, and refuse to carry out their functional and supportive task. On the contrary, they take it upon themselves to break the individuals so that they will fit into this illing society which promotes social paralysis. It is they that are responsible for the concept of the six blows and the yielding of these keys of the State and society to the ones who are its enemies (e.g. research organizations who give up their discoveries and the way to implement/ use them to the great capital holders who seek to subdue and control Human Potential. Such examples of traitorous social scientists are the ones staffing research schemas and foundations like RAND, psychological schools of thought denying people the potential of development by categorizing people in a form of genetic racism, universities which are funded by several multinational corporations to indicate the back door through which these corporations will be able to enforce products, needs and lifestyles serving their own financial interests and not the health and well being of the people. Certainly all the scientists following the above, despite the obligation and capacity not to, conform so that they will ‘let sleeping dogs lie’).

D. maybe the hardest fact to see and accept is that also responsible for the paralysis of the state and the breaking of the backbone, part of which is us, as well, is that we deny our natural instinct and common logic existing within each one of us: so that we will ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ we decide to tolerate and allow the reign of the feeling of inferiority imposed by the above groups. We choose to remain fatalists, apathetic, defeatist and depressed while we all condone through our silence and our non-reaction the social and economic rape we are taught we should put up with as our task. Each time we accept to close our eyes, turn a blind eye, let things drop, ignore social, financial, constitutional, legal, moral, logical breaches and injustices we ourselves deal a blow to the State backbone which our forefathers had designed and set up for our own protection. We ourselves reinforce and condone the State paralysis as well as the vice and corruption, cowardice, arbitrariness, thoughtlessness and audacity which are allowed to prevail by few against many who, however, consent and expect it. That is, farmers/ breeders who throw away and destroy their crops because otherwise they would threaten the maximization of the profit of great capital owners, breeders who kill their animals for the same reason, fishermen who burn their boats because they too were ordered, merchants/ practical tradesmen who put up with the milking by the middle man and the destructive to them state policy ‘because that’s the way it is’, workers who allow criminal ‘businessmen’ to exploit them and then steal their wages, priests who compromise the word of God so that they will not bother big publishers or so that they will draw the public’s attention to titles that would otherwise flop and which undermine dogmas and religious identities, all these social groups contribute and condone the falling down not only of the State but also of their own social being.

If all of the above Citizens-members of the backbone and true force of any State did not stand being molested socially, financially, educationally, historically and morally, then it would not be possible nor would politicians of any rank and group dare to sign their names under unconstitutional laws, unnatural processes, anti-national decisions/ policies, anti-educational programmes, anti-worker and anti-professional schemas and naturally, they wouldn’t be able to staff the public and private sectors either with frightened people who do not dare to ‘stir the waters’ or with diseased elements who have chosen to buy out with exchange their existence, the illusion of power over their fellow people while they add to their personal economic and social destruction in a short, long, or unexpected point in time (since they have decided not to control their own destiny but put it in the hands of those to whom they sold themselves, forgetting that no matter how expensive the thing we buy, we throw it away when we are bored with it or it no longer serves).
In the next editorial we will continue by putting naming who broke Greece’s backbone, demonstrating how you can find out who broke the backbone of your state and finally by demonstrating who and in what way can fix it again, easily and quickly.

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