Thursday, February 26, 2009

Clinically Dead

The definition between what is living and what is dead, though at first sight seems an easy observation to make for anyone, in essence is often presented with countless ‘gray areas’ where what is living and what is dead is hard (in theory) to ascertain. Actually, many ‘experts’ and for sure the mass media claim that in those ‘gray area’ cases the common sense and/ or simple observation based on criteria is not enough to understand whether something can live on or has died. Therefore we often have cases where something that is decomposing is kept yet so that it seems that it is artificially breathing (and therefore give the chance to some to claim that this something is alive) whereas something else that does have life sustains blood letting and attacks until it dies.

Therefore, in those unhealthy cases we have clinically dead ones who slowly decay with the false impression that they are living, breathing the stolen breath of those who have life and therefore produce.

For sure, we are not referring to the cases where people are in the ICU and fight by themselves without the capacity to commit the theft described above. That which we are describing happens only on social, political and economic levels in different versions, from the personal life within a family to the global level and the ‘family’ of the countries and the human race.

In particular, the condition in our society, at least since the eve of the Second World War to today (researchers of different social sciences can claim that this has been happening for a much bigger time span, up to several centuries) has been clinically dead and artificially and violently fed from the potential of the human race which has gone past the state of maturation for the evolution from this current state of society we are experiencing to the next one. In essence our society today is like the human embryo which was remained in the uterus for much more than the nine months needed to perfect the body, and now the uterus which had sustained it is absorbing it again, devouring it since the embryo was not born and remains inside.

How does this translate to our social reality?

During approximately two centuries and the beginning of the 20th, around the globe our society had reached, through parallel processes depending on the country and the culture and special circumstances, the point of birthing we described above: the social condition where few people of doubtful quality and capacity and power subsisted, living off the toil of the many without motivation to evolve but rather motivation to stagnate, was deemed unacceptable and intolerable around the world.

By stagnation we mean the passive and pointless consumption and existence without any specific target but the perpetuation of this pointless consumption, accompanied by a hollow and barren worship of social symbols of establishment which everyone knew were pretexts and not actual (e.g. no scepter of any king or emperor, no capital or luxurious mansion of a corporation owner protected them when their surrounding aristocrats/ capital holders/ relatives decided they didn’t want them or desired a change of scenery).

By passive consumption we mean the desire-‘ambition’ of anyone to acquire ‘wealth’ with the only purpose to maintain one’s body and dress it up (often in funny ways) in a continuous cycle which, however, has no evolution since beyond assorted ways to do the exact same thing (i.e. eat and dress) there is no other element of differentiation or change in personality, way of thinking or improvement of existence of Humans in general.

To be crystal clear, we will define active consumption as the care of an individual to keep him/herself in good health and psychological condition, feeding and dressing his/her body so that he/she be able to achieve some other goal unrelated to his/her bodily maintenance or maintenance in a situation (e.g. social circle) but is instead related to answering questions, research on various levels to have problems solved, improvement of the new generation in all its facets and the general achievement of the betterment of Humans as an existence and living upon the earth. Any Human who does this, does not do it only for him/herself but always does it investing on his/her Fellow Human who also cooperates. Any Human who does not do this belongs to the previous group which causes the condition we are describing today regarding our society.

Why do we place the point in time so far back and not now?

In general lines, from the point in time in any country when enlightenment took place, which was a natural development-reaction of the people who finally could not be satisfied with what they were being told and based on common sense demanded for answers (the middle class is not independent from the rest of the groups of the People but part of them, as we can support sociologically) and of course they got them, from that age on after there came social ‘labor pains’ of birthing in the form of assorted manners of demand for change of the social condition. It is not by chance that all these demands for change are similar regarding the thirst for freedom, education and ensuring of the basic bodily needs of Humans for all Humans. These processes climaxed with the mass abolition (even in name only) of the assorted master-slave relationships where a Human accepted to become an object (for use, buying and selling) for another one, and in their position it was attempted by all the People, with the true middle class at the forefront (i.e. the People who got educated), to establish a new relationship of independent, free and equal, responsible cooperating Humans.

That was the point of birthing: society had by that time matured from the previous stage and was ready to go on to the next, which was ‘in the plans’ as a goal since time immemorial and officially for a staggeringly large part of Humanity for at least 2000 years (beyond the pure Dogma of Christianity without the interpretations and distortion, innumerable Human civilizations had recorded this goal in various forms and at various points in time).

And how did we get from that point to the clinically dead society?

In every birth there is a mechanism that maintains the birthing condition until the baby is born. It is known that if a doctor or a midwife wishes it, he/she knows counter-mechanisms that can stop the birthing and the baby can remain within the uterus.

In that exact same logic, social birthing was interrupted with a series of mechanisms that were applied by all those who are not interested in anything but passive consumption and the maintaining of stagnation, and who exist in all the economic ranks/ levels with a tendency to have a greater concentration of them as we go up: the Second World War (at least, since the First can also be shown to have served matching interests) was a primary measure where a great percentage of the world true middle class, which was responsible for the process of evolution and the current phase of changing the social organization-condition, was eradicated. That is how happenings and ‘inane’ battle organizations/ bombings can be explained, where carnage of people took place, such as the battle of Normandy (D-Day), the bombing of Berlin and Dresden, the mass executions of populations by the Nazi as they were retreating from occupied lands after the war had been judged, the holocaust against the Jewish people, the communists, the People who went against inhuman orders on both sides and the conscientious keeping of all the death penalties meted out by the Nazis by the allies-‘liberators’, even when the death sentence was due to acts against the Axis and for the Allies.

In all the areas and countries where the bloodshed of the Second World War did not eradicate the part of the People promoting the development of society (actually in areas such as Greece, instead of eradicating that element, it was instead enforced and more widely spread), there came immediately and with various pretexts successive and relentless wars / strife, one bloodier than the other. However they were not widely known around the globe nor were they ever tagged as bloody as the last world war because (comparatively) they were smaller, limited only within the borders of the countries still having the healthy, active population- so no matter how high the number of the people lost in each one, it was always lower than the massive number of dead of the WWII carnage. For example, Greece suffered directly after WWII the Civil War, which was what eradicated the communist government the People desired to have. That notwithstanding, there also came dictatorships and other mass pretexts for eradication/dispersing of the Greeks through the waves of immigration in coordination with the persecution/ exiles of specific ideals/ beliefs.

A simple overview of at least 90% of the countries of the world will reveal the exact same pattern: after a People’s-middle class move towards change and evolution of the social condition there comes one or a series of episodes causing mass deaths that as a rule plague exactly those social groups desiring evolution. No exception exists to this rule, even in countries such as Great Britain and the USA.

With the essential eradication of whole generations of the real middle class which is a forefront of the People, we have the reign of the other social group that passively consumes and desires stagnation and therefore the birthing has been arrested/ inhibited. From the labor pains there remains only the illusion that because they stopped, the baby must have been born: it is the hollow repetition and lip service to concepts and words and the twisted use/ reference to successes of this eradicated part of Humanity, while the old order of things is fully applied: the old order of things that has wrongly been called ‘new world order’. That is, by giving the illusion of Democracy, Equality, Freedom and Human Rights, the relationship of master-slave is ruthlessly enforced, with many people depending to the point of life or death from the few and to the point where Humans have gone back to being objects, bought and sold and or equal or lesser worth than a cog in a machine.

But why do we call this condition clinically dead now, and not just evil, unacceptable and inhuman?

Because this condition has died and at this time it is decomposing: humans are pushed to produce things that are useless or far too many while at the same time humans are deprived of vital elements/ goods for their bodily, mental and psychological survival. Very logically, that which fed this society, passive consumption, drops since those who can or want to consume become less and less and richer and richer, making the rest multitudinous groups poor and out of this system. Therefore, just like in any body deprived of its blood, this system which is based on passive consumption is dead. Right now, and for at least twenty years (many more in specific countries) an attempt is simply taking place to convince that instead of dead, this society is alive because it still gives a semblance of breathing, just like anyone clinically dead that is forced to upon the intensive care bed.

In this case, the life support of the clinically dead social system is the continuous ‘stimulation’ of the economy with staggering amounts directed to the plutocratic classes that bloodletted the rest and towards branches of the production that make goods which can’t/ won’t be absorbed by the population and therefore the inevitable is being cultivated to take place with a greater bang (no matter how much the car industry is funded, it won’t be able to sell the cars it will make when the target group is trying to ensure daily food). Therefore the symptom that cased death is accentuated even more and the course towards death is accelerated: i.e., in a body that is bleeding and is about to die from it, a heart stimulant is prescribed that makes it beat faster (and therefore the body looks more alive and likely to regain consciousness), fact which makes what blood there remained in the veins to spill even faster from the wound nobody has sealed.

That is exactly the way the bank funding and bankrupt corporation bail-out method is working in combination with the over-taxing and blatant persecution of humans on a financial and social level as they are pushed to the serfdom of the so-called ‘flexible work conditions/terms’. However, the social system is not going to revive because the People, despite the systematic eradication of its members who promoted the true birthing which was stopped, remember both the labor pains and that which should have been born and never was.

Birthing is one of the strongest commands of nature, almost as powerful in its command as death itself: no matter how much it is artificially arrested, it will take place at some point in time. The same holds for the social condition. The fear through which at this time they are maintaining the old order of things which they name ‘new’ can exist only as long as one doesn’t sense one is going to be immediately exterminated. Fear dissipates when one realizes that one is not ‘going’ to drown, one is drowning and one must reach out and grab the life-buoy or swim. From the moment the People decide to swim on their own without political leaders and ‘help’ from abroad, from allies and international organizations which openly state they have cultivated and caused all this anguish and are going to prolong it (through the statements of Obama, Hilary Clinton, A. Merkel, N. Sarkozy and every other political leader of every country, who speak of taxation and pressure on the People even at the expense of Human Rights to fund the super-rich individuals belonging to the highest plutocratic classes) and to accentuate it, then that which was blocked in the middle of the 20th century will take place in full.

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