Monday, June 1, 2009

Euroelections 2009

June’s editorial has this title because all types of elections ought to be an opportunity to thoroughly review and evaluate the political situation as well as the socioeconomic course of the society in which lives the Citizen who is called to a participate in them.

Primarily, before we go on to any further activity we must see what the elections really are and what they have come to be: in all democratic societies the elections and referendum institutions is the most powerful and serious weapon of the People that allows them to express directly and immediately their will. In these cases the results of the elections are considered and must be sacred since they are the real will of the People/ the Demos.

But we have many times proven that there is no Democracy in Greece (and in other countries claiming to be democratic, but at this time we are focusing on our country). This is evident in every day life and manifests fully in our economy, where stratification becomes more and more extreme/ notable, with few rich ones and many poor ones, just like in every Oligarchy History has recorded.

What, then, are the elections when there is no true Democracy?

Of course we can’t claim that the elections express the People’s will, fact which has been repeatedly proven in the political history of the past few years when even in the occasion that the election results ( despite all pressures) does not reflect that which the few of the ruling class desire, the results are either blatantly ignored or the elections are repeated again and again until the desired result is acquired.

What then are in truth the elections in the reality we are experiencing daily and not in the theory that should have been applied?

The elections are the opium of the People.

Just like once, the opium was the blatant and unabashed twisting of religious tenets, positions and obligations to the point of a true social pathology (especially in historical cases like the Crusades and more recently the Jihad issue) so does now, that society places the importance of social happenings in the areas of science and politics, the opium has changed from ‘religion’ to ‘elections’. (We will analyze the true significance of religion and the power it can offer to the People in future articles. The only thing we will keep in mind today is that opium is something that in its proper form bestows the People and the Citizen individually with immense freedom and power.)

But why are the elections opium?

Just as in older times every corrupt and venal, power hungry priest/ cardinal/ mufti/ etc spieled and terrorized the masses through religion since he presented himself as the designated authority/ representative of it, so does now each corrupt politician / economics expert/ corporation owner/ banker-industrialist/ ship owner spiels and terrorizes the masses through the following paths, for which s/he is considered falsely the designated representative and authority:

A) Through politics as the only way of survival of society (politics or social death)
B) Through the economic science as the only way of survival of society (economic measures or death)

Like in older times the priest ( who does it now, as well, but just doesn’t have the social podium he had in earlier times and it is much more socially permitted to ignore him, on the contrary the scientist or the politician must be obeyed with reverence) the politician now frightens the People with the following very wrong arguments of ‘doom’:

“If you reject those who are exploiting the political scene, immediately your life will become terribly difficult/ wild/ monstrous”.

This is completely wrong since those who exploit the political scene act only in such a manner as to keep the People at a safe distance from themselves while they are devouring and embezzling what is the People’s. The People are self-sustaining and in essence self-administered. Many of the People have already realized this and it there wasn’t alienation and interruption of communications between them (as they rely on the mass media to learn what their fellow people really believe, and thus maintain a deeply erroneous image) they would have realized that they are not the only individuals who have seen it and think it.

Therefore, and in manners we will analyze in our articles, since due to space limitation it is impossible to do it in the editorial, to refuse to elect a political party in the elections, European and National, instead of being total disaster can be the rebirth of Democracy. Total disaster will take place only for those who need these state positions to survive and achieve a parasitic life at the expense of the rest.

“If we don’t listen to the economics specialists/ economics scientists blindly, even if simple arithmetic and common logic of every Citizen reveals the magnitude of their incompetence/ corruption, society will collapse.”

That which few realize is that the economic science has not been created for the betterment of the economic situation of all the social strata. The reason for its creation is the ‘control of the market’ as has been rendered clear by its founding fathers such as Adam Smith. Control means in this case how better to embezzle the riches produced by the true productive classes, i.e. the working and middle class. The time period of the creation of this science supports the above, since it was created when it was finally rendered hard (and it was visible that it would soon be impossible) to apply the law of ‘powerful feudal lord/ aristocrat/ land owner’ to usurp the People’s riches. Thus there was created a science (i.e., something that the people had learned to respect as true knowledge they must adhere to and heed) which would present ‘facts’ to the People to convince them to give up on their own their riches and let themselves become poorer on their own (e.g. inflation/ thrift/ crises and therefore destruction of opulent crops/ destruction of production goods/ waiving of rights such as the 8 hour work day/ etc).

In essence and as we have demonstrated in earlier articles, each Citizen who has managed to survive financially despite a thousand unexpected twists and turns, sans ‘safety net’ as the large corporations and corporation owners are said to have, is much more able to take up the country’s money matters than those who award each other every year on a political and industrialist level.

This last year proved the above beyond doubt through the despondence of the Peoples of the Eurozone, which is actually so named because of the guarantee of the Stability and Growth Pact for stable and blooming economies which would make Citizens’ life financially easier. The representative Almunia who ‘decides and decrees’ the economic policy of so many countries has demonstrated how invalid he is since he audaciously has declared that he is simply experimenting and is not at all certain of the success for his assorted planning.

Therefore, common as well as scientific opinion shows that these forces threatening the People in the above manners and doomsday blackmailing statements act only at the expense of the People and not at their interest and thus if they are removed the people will benefit.

If he had true elections, the election result should reflect the general discontent of the People towards all the political parties and towards the European Union itself.

That could occur in two ways, which are in truth one: either have a great percentage of abstention or very low percentages that would forbid the formation of any government (in the case of National elections) or the election of any non-independent Europarliament member.

What does that mean?

When the elections show that nobody appeals to the People, then a Referendum should occur on what the People want and how they want it. Not a gagging through the election of anyone based on ridiculous percentages representing a minority and which have been yielded after complex and nebulous in their logic processes and calculations.

Elections become opium when while the above holds true (great abstention and low percentages in every party) the People are let to believe that they are the ones who chose the small dictator partying at his/her balcony at the end of the count. Thus the People feel that ‘since I voted for him, I will tolerate him without complaint’ while in truth they never did select that person. Thus the People are lulled/ drugged into a lack of reaction when they are abused and financially, socially and politically raped by each ‘government’.

The time has come to understand that anything asking us to irrationally accept things ‘to avoid the worse’, ‘because we have to’, ‘because that’s what’s happening globally’ is the true opium of the People, whether it is ‘religion’ or ‘politics’ or ‘social life’.

Common logic based on real feedback is what helped humans survive. Submission to ‘society’ is what pushed humans to suicide.

Society is the result of human evolution and therefore changes as this evolution occurs. Whenever humans stunt their own evolution (i.e. block their thought, gag their speech, be afraid of the reaction of their surrounding people, chooses the lesser evil and does not decide to create the good rather than wait to be given it by those who have proven to be bad) for the sake of preserving society as it is, humans have literally degenerated.

With the occasion of Euroelection, let’s begin seeing whether we live in a time of full degeneration, so that it will not be necessary to come out of it in the violent manner History has demonstrated is usually done.

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